Two T1 Diaspora Spaceships

On the heels of my previous post concerning a handful of system ships, here are two mainstays of the Real New Mexico fleet.

  • T1 Rattler Class Comm Defense Platform
  • T1 Chupacabra Class Interceptor

Each of these ships are system bound, and are a reasonable defense against any Vulcan incursions. Each of these ships of the Real New Mexico navy share the common aspect “Call us Procurement Specialists”; paying homage to Real New Mexico’s “Hive of Scum and Villainy”


T1 Rattler Class Comm Defense Platform

V-shift 3, Beam 0, Torpedo 0, EW 3, Trade 0
Frame OO
Data OOO
Heat OOO
Vector Randomizer: base defense 2 against beams
Point Defense: base defense 2 against torpedoes Antenna everywhere
Call us “procurement specialists” Fragile
This snake has teeth
Making trouble from afar

T1 Chupacabra Class Interceptor

V-shift 3, Beam 1, Torpedo 1, EW 1*, Trade 0
* Effective level 2 with default crew
Frame OOO O
Data OOO
Heat OOO O
Boarding party Call us “procurement specialists” Out of ammo
Protecting the homeland We’ve made a few custom modifications