Pondering a Social Conflict in Diaspora

Given the backgrounds of the Diaspora Campaign’s characters, I decided that the campaign should have the “Always on the Run!” aspect. In it’s early stages, the characters’ ship is being sought after by Dynamic Solutions. I want there to be a natural progression of the chase; Where are they spotted? How are assets brought to bear for capturing the ship? How quietly is Dynamic Solutions working at reclaiming their ship?

With inspiration from Brad Murray, one of the creators of Diaspora, I was wondering how I might model the long-term chase. There are a two directions that I’m kicking around. The first is pretty much lifting Brad’s Assassination social combat. The second option is representing different entities and their disposition towards the two parties. Namely how the “Vulcan military complex”, “Real New Mexico smugglers”, “Church of the Profit” or other such entities would view the T3 prototype.

The first option, aka assassination, keeps the scope tighter and directly related to the two conflicting parties. The other option, with “pawns” will bring others into the mix rather quickly, and seems, in many ways to run counter to the goal of flying under the radar.

Enter the Dynamic Solutions Reclamation Group; When Dynamic Solutions needs something to go away quietly, they mobilize their Reclamation Group, bringing to bear tremendous wealth, an in-depth knowledge of bureaucracy, and a powerful ability to work from the shadows.


Dynamic Solutions Reclamation Group

Assets 5, Bureaucracy 4, Stealth 4, (Slug Throwers 3, Composure 3, Culture/Tech 3)
Composure: OOO OO
Wealth: OOO OOO

  • Bring back our quarry

  • Friends in all the right places

  • Indiscriminate use of cash

  • Lurking in the shadows

  • Outside the law

  • Ruthless

  • Thugs in suits

  • We don’t exist

  • We’ve got the appropriate papers

  • You can’t hide from us