G is for Guillotine

Guillotine is a macabre, yet light-hearted, card game where you are trying to collect the heads of the most reviled “victims” of the French Revolution, from the lowly Piss Boy to Marie Antoinette. While the heads are rolling, the players are trying to setup the line to their advantage by playing cards that further incite the crowd, alter the line, or collect multiple heads in one chop. And it is a hoot!

I’ve been playing this game for a very long time, and really enjoy a two or three person game of this. With two people it is a battle of resource management and improving your odds while hindering your opponent. With three people, there is the tension of picking on the obvious leader, and watching as the lead changes. With four or more people, the game is entirely about getting the best chop at that moment, with little regard for planning.

When I first got this game, sometime around 1999, we played quite a bit. In fact, my son, around age 4, learned to play the game without even reading the cards, instead identifying the images from one of the many (50+) different cards. It was an impressive feat of determination. It also highlighted something: my son saw all of us having fun playing and wanted to join in on the fun. If that isn’t an endorsement for a game, then I don’t know what is.

In recent years, I haven’t played this as much. In part, because there are lots of other, more involved games that are available. However, we still break it out on occasion when we want to see heads roll!