W is for Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp, designed by Mike Fitzgerald and Richard Borg, is a Rummy-type game. Each player is trying to collect the bounty on one of seven outlaws, and the reward grows the greater the outlaws infamy.

This is a game that I have been playing with Aidan, my son, for many years. Both of us enjoy the tension of whether we will capture the outlaw; Either through playing cards to help our cause, or playing cards to hinder the other player’s cause.

The tension in the game is most evident when “Sheriff” cards are played. When the typical Sheriff card is played, you need to immediately reveal the top card of the deck to see if the Sheriff card takes effect. Does the gamble pay off? And if it does, to the victory goes the gloating right!

The game plays rather quickly, typically 2 to 3 hands at 10-15 minutes per hand. What this means is that Aidan and I can typically enjoy a game in the time it would take to watch a television episode. With the Sheriff mechanic there is tension, and resulting trash talk. All told, a great means of bonding with my son.

The game plays best with 3-players, so the times that Savannah has joined us, we’ve seen a more interesting cadence. Alliances form and dissolve quickly as fortunes ebb and flow.

All told, Wyatt Earp is a great game. Not to complicated, plenty of tension and luck, but with rewards for strategy and patience.