X is for Xizors

Xizors was a Verrick Mind Witch in an Arcana Evolved game run by our friend Geoff. He was created and played by Matt. Xizors was one of Matt’s more menacing and powerful characters, but also extremely fragile. The Verrick was succumbing to promises of power, and was likely going to be a problem for the rest of the group. Sometimes intra-party conflict is an excellent device, and this growing problem was an excellent case.

Matt and I have been gaming buddies for the past 24 years. Even our relationship is old enough to drink. Matt has been a constant presence at my gaming table. More than anyone I’ve gamed with, Matt pours his soul into his characters. I truly enjoy playing alongside Matt, and enjoying the interchange. Some of Matt’s characters follow:

  • Grell (sp) - the idiotic half-orc so afraid of fire and magic that he “lead” the group by his abstinence.
  • Captain Navar - An evil cleric, parading as a bard, carefully using only spells on the bard’s spell list until he had to tip his hand to save everyone’s ass; Only to then be killed at a later point by his own man; the man that had witnessed the unholy symbol on the Captain’s palm.
  • Ghennit - a dwarven river pirate, who swore utter vengeance on the damn gnome that sunk his boat.
  • Slade - a mother, disguised as a male bounty hunter for herself, looking for her child.
  • Gryxx - An all-around wicked man who, through vile acts, had become trapped in Ravenloft.
  • Timothy Hizerman - C.S.A. (Certified Space Accountant) - so consumed with his own rising star aspect and love struck that he purchased a military-grade starship for a rebel woman; Oh and he had the ship named after him. Also, he gladly flaunted his new found Diplomatic Immunity (major systems hack performed by another player) by taking pictures with all the downtrodden.

Which is why, when he creates characters with such problematic names, the group dog piles. Poor Xizor’s menacing aura and mystique was dulled by one (witty) comment: “Careful not to run with Xizors.”

Of course, this is nothing compared to Matt’s 2nd Edition Psionicist named Wend. Wend was a traveling performer, augmenting his performances with psionic powers. The first encounter with him was when Wend was on stage saying “Come on, try and move me.”

Wend was planning to use his psionic immovability power, but due to bad dice rolls he was easily toppled. And that is when it went downhill. As we Wend our way through tunnels…As the ill Wend doth blow…All we are is dust in the Wend

Someday, probably wend I’m older, I’ll drop this joke. But for now, wendever Matt is playing I’ll make sure he knows I haven’t forgotten.