Planning Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #5

Well this is no good. I’m about an hour and a half away from running The Precious Few campaign. The , which we played more than a month ago, found the crew of The Precious in New Florida. My notes from the previous session suggest that I need to hammer on the Wealth stress track. As I see it, looking for a doctor to work on Billy’s implant is a likely course of action.

Given that a Fate game is driven by the aspects, it makes sense to review the character’s aspects when planning. I’m going to create three couplings of character aspects; Two will be in tension and one in cooperation. Quickly scanning the character aspects, I’m going to have:

  • William Nigh’s sheltered socialite will be in tension Mason Widmore’s reclusive nerd.
  • Timothy Heizerman’s well connected will be in tension Martin Patel’s feels no guilt.
  • Timothy Heizerman’s everything must add up will be in cooperation with Mason Widmore’s I can’t work with these morons.

Some ideas I’m rolling around are having the players need to confront a doctor at a social event. The doctor is interested in Mason’s work, but being the recluse, drawing him out is going to be a bit difficult. William, being the sheltered socialite is trying to secure the doctor for surgery. A social combat where Mason is trying to conceal information from the doctor and William is trying to get the doctor to agree to the surgery.

In the case of Timothy Heizerman, bring an Non-Player Character (NPC 📖) into play, perhaps the doctor, and see about forcing Martin’s hand regarding keeping the doctor alive; After all the doctor knows that Billy may very well know is wanted.

I believe the third Fate pairing may very naturally arise from the other two conflicts.

Of course, all of this can easily fall apart if the Precious Few does not agree to seek the help of a doctor. After all, players are a fickle bunch. But I’m not prepping specific scenes, just themes and character interactions that I want to see.

The above is based somewhat loosely on Dresden Files Role Playing Game (RPG)’s suggestion on making aspect connections, either Tension-based or Cooperation-based connections. This does not account for non-player characters that may be a part of the campaign. But, given the history of the two disparate groups aboard the Precious, I believe that the internal tension has more than enough story to explore. Of course, when all else fails I may just send in the ninjas.