Converting Star Frontier's Vrusk into Bulldogs!

The Vrusk

A cosmopolitan, business-minded, intuitive insect-like species, the Vrusk 📖 are practical and organized.

Game History

The Vrusk originally appeared in Tactical Rules Studies (TSR 📖)’s Star Frontiers Role Playing Game (RPG 📖). Steve Bartell’s “Alternate Frontiers” article in Dragon Magazine Annual 1998, ported the Vrusk into TSR’s Alternity RPG. And Wizard of the Coast’s D20 Future RPG supplement ported the Vrusk to the D20 system.

Bulldogs! Conversion


Typical Aspects


Invoke: you are at ease amongst other cultures. Though I’ve never had Wumpus intestine before, it is truly a complex and intriguing taste.

Compel: you can easily assume that other cultures are as open minded as you. I assure you I did not mean to insult the almighty Grand Tilixil by questioning his omniscience.


Invoke: you are a hard worker. If we push through this, we’ll get it done ahead of time.

Compel: you just won’t let a project or task slide. That paperwork is due by 5pm, and you just can’t step away for a moment.

The Company is my Life

Invoke: You can bring corporate resources to bear when acting in its interest. I know I’m not authorized, but let me talk with my supervisor at PanGalCorp, I’m sure he can straighten things out.

Compel: Your first priority is to your company. “Yes sir, I will gladly get your suit dry cleaned.”

Seek Harmony in Beauty

Invoke: you are keenly aware of the ugliness of conflict. Hey guys, I know you’re upset but can I buy you a drink?

Compel: you may become too obsessed with art. That painting’s tone and lines are fascinating, I must have it.

Eight Chitinous Legs

Invoke: steady, impossible to knockdown or trip. I never understood the phrase “Don’t rock the boat”

Compel: You can’t possible fit in some places. Damn, this cockpit wasn’t made for me.

Special Abilities [-4]

Armored Carapace [-1]

Your body is protected by a thick insectoid carapace that protects you from bruises, cuts, and scratches. You have an automatic Armor: 1 against all hand-to-hand attacks.

Comprehension [-1]

You can size people up in a glance. Normally, using Empathy to get a read on someone requires at least a few minutes of conversation, if not more. You only need a few moments.

Extra Speed [-2]

Your quick reflexes and 8 legs help you move faster than most others. When moving as part of another activity, you may move one additional zone without taking the –1 penalty for a supplemental action. You also gain an additional +2 to Alertness for the purposes of determining initiative.