FrieCon I - The Slackening

This past Saturday we had nineteen guests at our house for 12 hours of game playing and general socializing. Games that were played: Scrabble, Race for the Galaxy, Dominion, Bang!, Tichu, Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride - The Card Game, and Bohnanza. Alas, no Fiasco; Another time soon I hope.

We had four separate rooms set up for gaming. Two of the rooms could have two sets of games going at once, and the other two rooms could comfortably have one. It was too hot to make use of the deck outdoors.

I ended up playing three games of Race for the Galaxy, a couple of hands of Tichu, Carcassonne, and two games of Dominion. I also explained how to play Bohnanza. Card games saw most of the love.

Most people trickled in after lunch, but those that were here had sandwiches. As the evening went on, Jenny saw to the pizza making process. For the record, the pizzas were delicious. My partner knows how to make amazing pizza dough.

I was expecting a few more people to show up, but it sounded like they ended up having a scheduling conflict. Those that were at FrieCon seemed to have an enjoyable time.