Change of Plans - GenCon Edition

Originally, I had wrote , but since then things have changed.

First of all, I was really hoping to play Fiasco at , but due to a conflict of schedules (cough Mr. Falcón cough) no Fiasco was played.

Second, there have been a handful of game nights where we’ve talked about gaming, but or Dominion. We certainly could try other games, but I get the general sense that there is some fatigue in others about learning new games. After all, I have lots of games that we all already enjoy, so why learn a new one. (I think I’m editorializing here, so I’ll stop).

Third, and this is the kicker, I’m instead going to be running Hollowpoint at GenCon. And all because of a thread on Google+. One of the creators of Hollowpoint and Diaspora, Brad Murray posted the following:

Hollowpoint sales are rapid enough that I’ll start work on some skins this week for free download. If you have a favourite idea from past discussion somewhere, with or without (shame on you!) me, shout it out! Right now I’m looking at elaborating the bad-ass fallen angels from the book, but I’m prepared to go somewhere new too.

Brad Murray

And that is where I stuck my neck out. I proposed a skin – Fremen Jihadists. I also said I’d bring my copy of Hollowpoint and would meet in the Games on Demand area of the convention center. Several people expressed immediate interest in playing, and with that I fully threw my hat in the ring saying: Thursday afternoon in the Games on Demand area, I’ll be running Hollowpoint.

I haven’t run the game yet, and have only read through it once. So I’m a bit nervous. The plan is to run a session this Sunday for the fragment of my gaming group that can make it. Work out the kinks and be ready to run what looks to be a fantastic game for those at GenCon.