Customer Service - Evil Hat Style - It is Fabulous

As I’ve previously posted, I proudly sponsored the Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple kickstarter project. I followed the kickstarter while it was seeking funding assisting the the spell-checking/proof-reading.

Daniel Solis and Fred Hicks did an amazing job keeping the sponsors in the loop. We saw proofs, artwork, etc. All of which resulted in a wonderful sponsoring experience.

Once the funding wrapped up, Daniel continued to post updates regarding production. And a few weeks ago, the books began to ship out of Fort Wayne from Alliance Games. Living 50 minutes away, I received what was likely one of the first copies. And the production was borked.

The pages were in backwards and upside down. I tweeted @DanielSolis and he pointed me to EvilHat. @FredHicks got in the loop, and in short order with a snapped picture, a new book was shipped.

I don’t know if a wave of panic hit Fred and Daniel given that I was an early recipient of a mis-produced book, but their response was prompt, professional, extremely helpful. And as it turns out, I likely have a one of a kind book.

Don’t get me wrong, the book that I received was functional, and I’d be just as happy with it as a properly produced game.

So thank you Daniel and Fred, and all of those that had a part in the creation of this quite interesting game.