Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #5

Diaspora: The Precious Few, Session #5 is a game session report for Diaspora. We played around the table on .

I have long promised these notes, and I’m quickly writing them to get them out there.

, the crew of the Precious needed to find a doctor to remove the it. After a bit of research, it was determined that Dr. Evan Arnold was their man. Serendipitously, he was speaking at a doctors conference on Orlando.

Billy remained on Precious and the rest went dirtside to check in at the Epcot; Timothy insisted on the Emperor Suite. While loading their things Martin was eventually able to convince the concierge, Paul, to setup a meeting with Dr. Evan Arnold.

Mason, Martin, William, and Timothy had dinner and saddled up with Dr. Evan Arnold. While Timothy was getting drunk on wine spritzers, the others convinced Dr. Evan Arnold to perform the surgery that evening, for a rather hefty price.

With an adrenaline shot, stomach pump, and coffee, he flew the crew and the doctor up to the Precious to perform the surgery. Using the lab facilities on the Precious, Dr. Arnold was able to quickly help Billy.

During the surgery, William was helpful, providing procedures and information to assist Dr. Arnold, while simultaneously hacking into Dr. Arnold’s personal information.

Ultimately, William determined that Dr. Arnold knew who they were and what the chip was. While returning to Orlando, William and Martin conspired with the Artificial Intelligence (AI 📖) to depressurize the ship and rig Dr. Arnold’s suit. A little conflict arose as Mason and Timothy sought to safely land the ship and Martin and William sought to create an lethal accident. Ultimately the ship landed and Dr. Arnold needed hospitalization (he had a moderate consequence).

The crew sent Dr. Arnold to the hospital, and returned to the hotel. At the hotel, they learned that Dr. Arnold worked for Dynamic Solutions. At which point Mason, William, and Martin began to conspire…They got the New Florida “ice cream company” to pick up Dr. Arnold.

As their actions began to catch up with them, they quickly fled the Epcot blasting into space. At this point the compels were happening so fast and furious as players sought to steer the direction of the Precious and it’s crew.

Once in space, they received a broadcast indicating that Timothy was identified and wanted for questioning. The severity of the situation was tempered by William hacking the news network and planting a few fake stories.

With a compel on Timothy to “clear his name” he deliberately botched the navigation roll…which was noted by Mason but not before the Precious was engaged in a space combat with four Bob Hope system defenders.

There was a tense moment, as negotiations were attempted. Eventually hell broke loose, with one of the Bob Hope system defenders being completely shutdown, another destroyed, and the Precious escaping to New Memphis with a Moderate consequence…New Memphis (T-1, E-1, R0), the backwater godless hole of a planet.

Slipping to New Memphis, they were short on fuel and even shorter on friendly systems. They signaled the lone space station in New Memphis, “His Majesties Eyes in Space” and brokered a landing. They needed supplies and a place to perform repairs and the Emperor wished to talk with them.