Hollowpoint Session Observations

First and foremost, we had a lot of fun playing the game. .

First Observation: I need to take the time to frame scenes better. This is generally something I need to do more of. I also need to remember that I can cut the scene and fast forward the story without narrating the in between moments.

I found a hard time preparing for the game, in part because I can see that the whole story hinges on in play reactions. I also need to include a bit more information in my Mission so as to allow the players to incorporate complications.

I believe making sure to read Apocalypse World’s Master of Ceremonies (MoC 🔍) moves is a good first step.

Second Observation: If you are the best at something, you will make use of it over and over. Make sure that is what you want to do. I believe you’ll want to make sure your 5 and 4 rank skill give you enough viable opportunities. Of course, other players are likely going to be better at other skills than you and are going to ask for your help.

Third Observation: In this game, the action goes to 11. Jumping cars into helicopters, lighting cats on fire with a martini and cigarette, jumping onto a tank to commandeer the crew, “casually” driving a hover combine up to a guard tower, using cool to buy everyone drinks all the while having another person take the unknowing victims access credentials, calmly disabling the detonation device with your favorite piece of bubblegum and that black paperclip.

Needless to say, we brought the gonzo.

Fourth Observation: Another thing to keep in mind is you’ve gotta keep the game going. Don’t worry about optimizing action based on if help would be better or taking from the teamwork pool. After all, if your character dies, you can so quickly make another one. The point is to move the story forward.

Fifth Observation: The Catch is a wonderful mechanic providing a secondary goal for a scene that is just as important as the primary goal of the scene. The first Catch sequence I rolled was 6,6,6 as the characters were driving up a mountain trail with a helicopter gunboat giving chase. They had little chance of handling the catch, they were going to crash. They instead opted to jump their car into the helicopter.

Sixth Observation: Bringing to bear 24 dice against three agents with full traits is an excellent final conflict. Of course adding a catch made things all the more interesting.