Hewards Handy Haversack - GenCon Edition

Wednesday after work, we are going to be heading to Indy to stay with some friends. Then from Thursday to Sunday, we are going to be at GenCon.

This is my first full weekend of GenCon, having twice previously went down for a single day. As such here is what I’m planning on bringing.

  • My Partner - She wants to make sure that she doesn’t get left behind in Northern Indiana. (She’s excited, but not nearly as much as I am. I will convert her to even more of a gamer. Right now she’s a level 2 gamer.)
  • Water Bottles - for without water there can be no life
  • Snacks - for without cheap food there is less money for games
  • Dice - lots of d6s as , hopefully playing Burning Wheel Gold, Dungeon World, and Lady Blackbird. I’ll have two sets of the non-d6ers, just in-case. And if I hold my breath, I might get a stab at TechNoir.
  • Books - Given that the Hollowpoint Portable Document Format (PDF 🔍) is not yet available, and according to Brad Murray won’t be available, I’ll definitely need to bring my copy. I’m also going to bring to see if I can track down a signature or two. I’ll probably bring the other one in case I the author is feeling generous.
  • Tablet - I don’t want to lug around all of the possible games I could play, so I’m going to load up my Xoom with as many game books as possible.
  • Index Cards - Gotta have them. They are so versatile.
  • Quarters - As I understand it, having a small supply of quarters can never hurt.
  • Ink Pen - In case I need someone to autograph something.
  • iPhone - Obviously I need to be able to check the emails. Don’t know if I’ll use that as my dice roller or not.
  • Clothes and Toiletries - Yes, I plan to bath and wear fresh clothes.
  • My Hat - I found that if I wear the same hat everyday, people can recognize me from afar. Plus, if I’m trying to meetup with people at Games on Demand, they should be able to spot me based on my , or my Google+ profile picture. Note: I have since gotten a new pair of glasses.
  • A Gaming Budget - I’m not going to allow myself to buy every shiny game, but I’m eying Burning Wheel Gold, Dungeon World

If you aren’t going to be able to make it to GenCon, perhaps you can give the RPGGeek’s Dungeon of Doom a try. It’s running at the same time and looks to be very interesting.