Bloodstone Party Composition

Note: This post has content disclaimers.

The players are busy fleshing out their characters, but the group is beginning to form. Thus far I’m working without character names, and will instead use player names.

Matt - Dwarf Miner

Matt has already played through the about 20 years ago. As such, he expressed a desire to play a more secondary character. Matt has opted to play a Dwarven delver turned adventure. He served under Aidan’s character during the early days of the war with Vaasa.

Tentatively, Matt’s character was part of a unit who was cut off from the remainder of the dwarven host, and had to do his best to survive for a few years. Interestingly he is a Graybeard and an Adventurer. He has the power to brand another Dwarf a coward! Yet he himself is an outcast.

Aidan - Dwarf High Captain

Aidan is playing a dwarven high captain who has fought the long battle against Vaasa and lost. He has retreated to Valls after his dwarven clan was decimated in the Battle of Goliad. Aidan’s character will likely be the toughest character in the group, decked out in Dwarven Mail.

Aidan’s character has numerous ranks in command, strategy, and logistics, as well as field dressing and surgery. He will always have something to do.

Savannah - Dr. Quinn Faith Healer

Savannah has yet to burn a character, but she said she wants to play a Cleric. I figure the best route for her is to create a Religious Acolyte -> Young Lady -> Doctor. She won’t be able to handle herself in a fight, and will likely need a valiant knight to protect her. This could be very interesting as Bloodstone, as written, pushes a romantic angle between the “paladin” of the group, and the Non-Player Character (NPC 📖) heir to the baronial throne.

Jaron - Sorcerer Headmaster

Jaron is tentatively playing the recently deposed headmaster of the School of Magic. He will most assuredly be a powerful sorcerer, and likely will be capable of enchanting items.

It is likely that he will be making a retainer to work as a guardian; Though sorcerers are hard pressed to spend their precious resources on anything other than spells.

Joe - Deposed Court Advisor

Joe is likely going to play a deposed advisor to the court who now resorts to begging. He will be a dangerous Duel of Wits adversary, but will almost certainly run screaming from every combat.

Joe is also tentatively thinking of creating a freebooter retainer to offer some physical protection.

Mike - ???

It looks like Mike is going to be an off-again on again player, so he’s proposing an Elven ranger so his character can come and go as needed.

Other players?

It is possible we will have another player at the table. At this point, I don’t know who that would be. But I’m leaving the options open.


With two players likely creating retainers, I believe we’ll have a very interesting group composition, where some of the players may opt at certain points to “don the mantle of one of the retainers.”