Interesting, Albeit Pointless Stats for My Blog

I decided to take all of the search data for my blog and tally the instances of a given word.  Below are all the words that were used in a search to get to my site.  If someone comes to my site with the search term “bulldog rpg” then that would count as one instance for “bulldog” and one for “rpg”.

I have removed the prepositions and conjunctions to keep the ifs ands and ors out of the results. I also converted words ending in s to their likely singular tense.

Search Tearm Instances
rpg 191
bulldog 167
rule 67
world 64
burning 60
diaspora 58
tichu 56
wheel 55
fate 39
dungeon 38
game 32
gold 30
star 28
frontier 28
apocalypse 26
review 24
mah 23
cluster 22
jong 21
play 20
python 17
pdf 17
grail 16
monty 16
holy 14
card 14
dragon 12
open 12
point 12
speed 12
jungle 11
guard 11
license 11
creation 11
rolemaster 11
hollowpoint 11
gaming 10
mouse 10
blackbird 10

The next table collects pairs of search terms.

So if someone searches for “burning wheel gold” this would count as one instance for “burning wheel”, one for “gold wheel” and one for “burning gold”. (Note I sorted each of the search words)

Search Tearm Instances
bulldog rpg 136
burning wheel 56
burning gold 30
apocalypse world 30
gold wheel 29
dungeon world 29
frontier star 25
bulldog fate 25
diaspora rpg 24
cluster diaspora 20
jong mah 20
fate rpg 19
mah tichu 19
jong tichu 16
monty python 15
grail python 15
bulldog pdf 14
rule tichu 14
grail monty 14
grail holy 14
bulldog review 13
holy python 13
pdf rpg 13
holy monty 12
review rpg 12
cluster rpg 12
not that 11
jungle speed 11
rule speed 10
guard mouse 10

And for posterity, here is a list of search terms with at least 3 words.

Search Tearm Instances
burning gold wheel 22
bulldog fate rpg 13
jong mah tichu 12
grail monty python 11
bulldog review rpg 11
grail holy python 11
bulldog pdf rpg 11

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