Bloodstone Character Questionnaire

Last night I downloaded the free e-Book Gamemastering by Brian Jamison from It is 300 pages of all kinds of awesome!  As I was reading it, I drew all kinds of inspiration for my Bloodstone game.  I also noted that Burning Wheel has procedures in place that mirror Brian’s advice.

So I’m asking the players to work through a questionnaire.  The player’s need not fill this out, but should be prepared to discuss these things and we’ll take notes concerning the questionnaire.




  • List your lifepaths.
  • For each of your lifepaths, tell me about a defining moment during that lifepath.
  • For each lifepath transition, tell me why/how you changed lifepaths.


  • Where were you when Vaasa attacked Damara, and declared war (13 years ago)?
  • Where were you when you heard that King Viridin had died (3 years ago)?
  • How is it that were you spared on the Night of the Long Knives (2 years ago)?
  • Tell me about someone whom you lost on the Night of the Long Knives?
  • Tell me about someone that thankfully survived the Night of the Long Knives?
  • What have you lost with the collapse of Damara?
  • Why did you flee to Valls?
  • Tell me about one of your foes…A feud? A person of authority? A superior? A rival/peer?  You need not spend starting resource points on this character.

Beliefs and Instincts

I would like each character to have a belief that relates to one of the other characters.  I would also like each character to have a goal-based belief.  Think in terms of your character’s long-term goals, then determine what the first step towards achieving that goal will be…That first step should be codified into a belief.


One of the recommendations from Gamemastering is that I should write down all of the character skills.  This is to ensure that each character has a chance to shine.  There are a lot of skills in Burning Wheel, so help me understand what skills you want to use.  I’m planning on writing down all of your skills, so I have a frame of reference for working on adventures.

2 thoughts on “Bloodstone Character Questionnaire

  1. Er, how many years ago did King Viridin die from the start of the game? Same with the Night of the Long Knives? (I assume that was some invasion of a city or something where nearly everyone died?)

    • Night of the Long Knives is the night in which the Grandfather of Assassins, and his minions, carried out targeted assassinations against the barons, dukes, viscounts, and others of power that were still resisting the Vaasa army.

      It has been 2 years since the Night of the Long Knives, 3 years since King Viridin was slain, and 13 years since Vaasa first declared war on Damara.

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