Bloodstone Character Beliefs, Instincts, and Traits

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Next Sunday we will begin the Bloodstone campaign. Below are the 7 characters that have been created. Two of them are relationships, fully fleshed out. Not everyone has completed their characters.

Lady Gwen - Savannah

  • B1: I must ease the world’s suffering by helping the victims of this horrible war.
  • Traits: Frustrated, Your Ladyship, Tonsured, Faithful (Dt), Mark of Privilege (Dt), Healthy (C-O)

Remy Leduc - Joe

  • B1: I will do what it takes to not get pillage by orcs
  • B2: If I don’t keep my identity on the downlow, I will be swarmed by fans
  • B3: I will help out my friends like Brandon; I’ll be a wingman and share what I have.
  • I1: Be chivalrous to the ladies.
  • I2: Enjoy myself, smell the roses
  • I3: Cuddle when I sleep
  • Traits: Scapegoat, Rable Rouser, Tidy Aspect, Mark of Privilege (Dt), Rapier Wit (Dt), Vigor of Youth (Dt), The Story (C-O), Aura of Innocence (C-O), Charismatic (C-O)

Brandon - Joe

  • B1: I can only trust Remy
  • B2: I need to make enough money for food.
  • B3: Prove I can still fight
  • I1: Always grab some loot!
  • I2: My sword is ready when I need it.
  • I3: If Remy is in trouble, get in the way.
  • Sad Eye, Mark of Privilege (Dt), Sworn Homage (Dt), Cold Blooded (Dt), Tongueless (Dt), Missing Eye (Dt)

Menas - Aidan

  • B1: I will open the halls of Ironheim by fighting Vaasa until my last breath
  • B2: I will show Matt I am not a coward
  • B3: I swear that I shall avenge King Viridin’s death and shall kill Felix
  • I1: Never show mercy to traitors
  • I2: Never turn down a mug of Nog
  • Traits: Humility in the face of my betters, Proud, Bearded, Chuffing, Muttering, Oddly Likeable, Dvergar (Dt), Accustomed to the Dark (Dt), Greed (Dt), Oathsworn (Dt), Shaped from Earth and Stone (Dt), Stout (Dt), Tough (Dt), Stoic (Dt), Sentorious Voice (Dt/C-O)

Holden Reynolds - Jaron

  • B1: Someone betrayed the College, I must find out who
  • B2: I don’t want to use destructive magic, but I’m starting to feel helpless without it.
  • B3: I don’t know who else survived from the College, if they are alive I must help them.
  • I1: Never pass up an opportunity for a good practical joke
  • I2: I will do anything to protect those I’m responsible for.
  • Traits: Base Humility, Inscrutable, Versatile (Dt), Misunderstood (Dt), Council of Mages (Dt), Stoic (Dt), Sixth Sense (Dt), Second Sight (Dt), Domineering Presence (Dt), Thick Skinned (Dt), Imperious Demeanor (Dt)

Dragan Cordell - Jaron

  • B1: I owe my headmaster Holden my life, I must protect him.
  • I1: I trust Holden implicitly
  • I2: I must speak up when I see an injustics.
  • I3: I have to get back up
  • Traits: Base Humility, Always in the Way, Shows No Fear, Trusting, Hazed (Dt), Mark of Privilege (Dt)

Kruder - Matt

  • B1 - I must find a new home as I am no longer welcome in Ironheim (not widely known).
  • B2 - Menas abandoned 300 Dwarves at the Battle of the Stonetears. I must determine if he is still fit to lead.
  • B3 - Katie hasn’t allowed herself to grieve for Obon. I need to help her move on.
  • Oath - I swore to Obon that I would protect Lady Gwen until… (need help from you on this one)
  • I1 - Never leave a companion behind.
  • I2 - Always have my arbalest loaded.
  • I3 - Keep my tools well oiled.
  • Traits: Bearded, Complaining, Folksy Wisdom, Accustomed to the Dark (Dt), Greed (Dt), Oathsworn (Dt), Shaped from Earth and Stone (Dt), Stout (Dt), Tough (Dt), Adventurer (Dt), Deep Sense (Dt), Oathswearer (Dt), Virtuous (Dt)