A Missed Opportunity for Burning Wheel – Duel of Wits

In the latest session of our Bloodstone campaign (yes I know I need to post session reports).  We had a session ending Duel of Wits. The stakes were as follows: Lady Gilliam demanded that the heroes remain in the village of Fendowns for 1 month and provide defenses.  The heroes were asking for 2 weeks provisions, 6 draft horses, and a wagon.

The powerful persuader Remy Leduc, and the other heroes, started with a body of argument of 21, whereas Lady Gilliam, with a little help, had 11.  The duel was quickly over, as Remy with a G7 persuasion, and enough FoRKs for a small dinner party, trounced Lady Gilliam.  The heroes were required to offer a minor concession.  After a bit of back and forth, we settled on the heroes staying in the village of Fendowns for 3 extra days.

Given that Remy has already seduced a “paranoid” woman, with “daddy issues”, after some thinking and discussion with Jaron, what I should have done is have Lady Gilliam insist that any negotiations be done in private.  This would’ve had a two-fold effect: First, it would’ve created a binding contract between one of the characters.  Second, it would’ve created some tension between Remy’s woman and Lady Gilliam.

Imagine Remy agreeing to the whole party staying for 3 days and then having to convince the party that they’d need to stay for 3 days.  That is some excellent tension.  Now imagine negotiations behind closed doors when there is a paranoid lover kept out.  Again, excellent tension.

Alas, those ideas were after the gaming session.  None the less, the characters are now going to be stuck in the Fendowns for 3 days, while the village of Bloodstone draws closer to the day in which it must pay tribute.  I’m really looking forward to the next session.

2 thoughts on “A Missed Opportunity for Burning Wheel – Duel of Wits

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