Assassin Lifepaths for Burning Wheel

Bloodstone was written for AD&D 1st Edition.  Assassins are used rather frequently as opposition.  In fact, the leader of the opposition is named the Grandfather of Assassins.

Below is my take on what it would take for the Grandfather of Assassins to rise to his current power.  I did draw initial inspiration from Luke Crane’s Jihad: Burning Sands, the H-Series of Bloodstone, and the OSRIC reference document.

Outcast Setting Time Resources Stat Leads
Initiate of the Brotherhood 4 yrs 5 +1P City,Village, Servitude, Military
Skills: 7 pts: Cooking, Repair, Climbing, Swimming, Apothecary, Trap-wise, Crossbow Training
Traits: 2 pts: Quiet, Bitter, Cynic, Nimble
Initiate of the Brotherhood is considered a Poisoner and/or Desperate Killer for purposes of Lifepath selection.
Brother of Assassins 5 yrs 10 +1M/P Any
Skills: 7 pts: Inconspicuous, Stealthy, Poisons, Knives, Disguise, Falsehood, Picking Lock
Traits: 1 pt: Merciless, Cold-Blooded, Hard-Hearted
Brother of Assassins requires Initiate of the Brotherhood
Father of Assassins 5 yrs 15 +1M/P Any
Skills: 7 pts: Greathall Tunnel-wise, Assassin-wise, Extortion, Intimidation, Sword, Observation, Persuasion
Traits: 1 pt: Arrogant, Prominent Scar, Precision Training
Father of Assassins requires Brother of Assassins.
Grandfather of Assassins 7 yrs 25 +1M,P Any
Skills: 8 pts: Command, Fortress-wise, Noble-wise, Sorcery-wise, Logistics, Oratory, Strategy Games, Strategy; General Skills: 1pts
Traits: 1 pt: Calm Demeanor, Domineering Presence
Grandfather of Assassins requires Father of Assassins.

Additional Lifepaths can be found at the Burning Wheel Wiki.

4 thoughts on “Assassin Lifepaths for Burning Wheel

  1. I think you could manage to make an entire subsetting for this, you’d just need different “trees”, a la the two paths of blood and night in Orc Servants. On first glance, looks pretty cool.

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