Bloodstone Session #4

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Bloodstone Session #4 is a game session report for Burning Wheel Gold. We played around the table on .

Here follows the raw notes I have concerning the 4th session of Bloodstone.

Leaving the Fendowns

Lady Gilliam releases the party from their obligation.

Menas pursues orcs fleeing to a neighboring village on rumor that Felix is there. Menas calls off the pursuit as the village has too many hostiles.

Lord Tomson is left in the care of the church of Ilmater.

Lady Gilliam agrees to part with Lord Tomson’s warhorse — he won’t be using it.

Brother Robert gave Lady Gwen a letter to deliver to Abbot Aldric.

Figuring Out How Many Horses They Needed

As they are traveling, they opt to avoid Daedmyr — It is home to Lord Tomson

They agree that they need more horses for scouting both ahead and behind.

Menas begrudingly parts with some of his wealth; Menas wanted to produce a bag of silver for Remy to purchase horses. The test was B3 vs. Ob 2, but due to his greed this became an Ob 3 — Converting his much needed routine test into a difficult test — and no one was willing to risk their resources on a failed roll.

After a rather heated argument about who is going into town and with what money, Remy and Holden head into town on one of the horses. They are going to buy another riding horse for scouting.

Arriving in Daedmyr, they see another massive warhorse (likely Felix’s warhorse). They approach the inn with caution, but Remy decides to circle up someone from the underground to help him out — Not a single success — sounds like an enmity clause to me.

Opening the door to the inn, Boris the Shiv turns and sees Remy and howls “You! You owe me money!” and draws a knife.

Remy, saying to Holden “Let’s get outta here” quickly flees.

Opposed speed tests (Remy, Holden, and Boris) – Remy is able to get away to their horse, Holden can’t get on the horse in time; Boris throws a knife at Remy, and misses (I gave the Ob 2 Throw test for Boris an additional +2 Ob based on Remy’s 6 Successes vs. 2 successes of Boris).

The thrown knife missed and Boris was drawing again — However, Holden was able to cast “Call of Steel” in time and successfully disarmed Boris. In the meantime, Remy was trying in vain to lift the old Holden onto the horse.*

Boris drew steel again and was again disarmed. Holden swooned for a brief moment but gained his composure (Forte taxed to 0, but the test raised it back to a taxed B1 Forte)

Boris, out of frustration, charged Remy, but Remy was able to position his horse and Boris slipped to the ground. Not wanting to get trampled, Boris crawled away and Holden was able to get on the horse and they fled.

Back at the Wagons

Meanwhile, back at the camp they all noticed some movement in the brush. Menas and a 7 of the dwarves advanced.

Traveling rather stealthily, they were able to get closer and determine there were about 5 to 15 orcs.

Menas had them flank their opponents but gave up their position.

Both sides charged each other and carnage ensued.

It looked like a potential blood bath – 12 orcs vs. 8 dwarves. Not wanting to bog things down too much, I called for a single Command test saying, each success would result in a mostly uninjured dwarf. Menas, calling up his Greed led the charge saying “This victory will be ours!” — An amazing 11 successes on 10 dice, and all the orcs were dispatched.

Using the Mythic table – I checked if any dwarves had sustained even a Light wound – and they had escaped without a scratch.

Curious about finding information – Menas scavenged for loot and clues. I gave the player (Aidan) the choice: Ob 1 would be find some wealth, Ob 3 would be to find evidence of Felix and his plans, Ob 4 would be both. He opted for an impossible untrained Ob 4 test. Failure!

But What About Daedmyr

In the distance they heard a loud commotion coming from the Daedmyr. There was concern that the village was under attack.

Menas rallied all the dwarves, leaving Kruder, Brandon (ally), Remy, Lady Gwen, Dragan (ally), Holden, Garlen (Non-Player Character (NPC 📖)), Garvin (NPC), Katie (ally), Dellan (ally) to guard the wagon train — a mixed bag of mostly lightly armed and armored characters.

Menas was going to approach the village to see what was happening. He approached near dusk – and saw a large contingent (50 or so) bandits and orcs being rallied by none other than Felix.

While Menas was approaching the village, Kruder would get the wagons closer to the tree line to better conceal them.

Abandoning Friends to Their Fate

Menas had again managed to approach quietly, and waited for the bandits and orcs to dispatch.

Felix commanded them to split into two groups and search for dwarves. Felix then withdrew into the village.

The enemies split and went separate ways leaving an open path for Menas to approach the village and ultimately confront Felix.

Menas approached the inn where Felix was staying and burst in.

Felix was talking with four other men who self identified as members of the Crying Man — likely assassins thought Menas. He rose and challenged Menas to single combat.*

Under a Rain of Javelins

Kruder and company tried to hide, but were found by one of the groups. We dropped into range and cover. The bandits split into two groups.

Kruder took command and wanted to get everyone on a horse so they could ride off to safety. The bandits, armed with spears and javelins wanted to engage in melee.

The first volley saw Kruder successfully hold their position. Everyone had their horses, and they managed to get a few supplies, but the javelins closed.

The second volley brought a rain of Javelins. The enemies won the positioning and threw five javelins. Garlin took a Traumatic wound, Kruder absorbed a few hits taking a Light wound, Dragan and Brandon’s armor successfully deflected the worst of it.

The third volley brought more javelins as the enemy engaged. Kruder took a Midi but otherwise the others were unscathed. A melee was about to start.

Throwing Down in the Inn

Menas accepted and we went into Bloody Vs. — I had thought about using Fight, but this would’ve been the first Fight scripted by Menas’ player, and I was running the Range and Cover concurrently. It would’ve been a bit much.

The first exchange resulted in a tie. No one was able to punch through. I’d give them one more Bloody Vs. to see if someone would emerge.

Attempting to Flee

Back at the grand melee, I had everyone make opposed speed tests. Each ride would make a speed test, with +3D advantage vs. B6 opposed speed. Kruder, Remy, Brandon, Garlin & Garvin, Katie and Dellan all succeeded. But Holden and Lady Gwen & Dragan’s horse had not escaped.

Death Comes to All

The second Bloody Vs. saw Felix land a Light wound against Menas.

And Menas landed a Mortal Wound to Felix.

Menas quickly disarmed the Crying Men. They cooperated.

Menas looted Felix’s room, getting documents and a massive chest filled with gold.

While opening the chest, Menas felt ill — there was poison on Felix’s blade. Menas took a B9 (a midi).

The accompanying dwarves quickly dressed the wound to stop the bleeding.

Menas then took Felix’s horse, the other dwarves stole horses and they all left town.

Victory out of the Hands of the bandits

Kruder was going to turn around.

Holden attempted to cast a spell, but it harmlessly dissipated. He collapsed in complete exhaustion.

While the spell was being cast, Lady Gwen beseeched Ilmater to deliver them (Ob 8 Faith test). She rocked it with a Deed point.

And into the waning dusk the party retreated.


Menas returned to where the wagons were, and seeing that it was being looted by bandits he fled into the night.

Out in the brush, Menas, feeling worse for the wear, cried out for Lady Gwen and Kruder answers.

And finally, the group was reunited, and Lady Gwen tended to the wounded Menas.