2011 In Review

I started this blog back in February of 2011. Rather quickly, I jumped into the April A-Z Blogging Challenge. Having a goal and a focus really helped lift the blog off of the ground.

Below are links to the top content. The first three are had almost twice as many views as the next three, which in turn had about twice as many views as the remainder of the list.

  1. Burning Wheel Gold – Initial Impressions
  2. Life During a Wartime – Random Village Generator
  3. Good News Everyone…Bulldogs! RPG is Here!
  4. Translating Empire Strikes Back into Dungeon World Moves
  5. Hollowpoint Review
  6. Customer Service – Evil Hat Style – It is Fabulous
  7. The Mah Jong of Tichu
  8. Hollowpoint Session Observations
  9. Character Creation Session for Family Bulldogs Adventure
  10. Hacking Together a Burning Wheel Conflict Resolution on the Fly
  11. Playing Burning Wheel Gold With The Kids
  12. Weird Fantasy – Lamentations of the Flame Princess

My personal favorite post was Mustering into the GenCon Volunteer Corp, partly because I enjoyed making my drawing, but more importantly because this was the blog post about stepping up and working towards a solution.

The one post that I wish more people would read is my Carcosa review. The world of Carcosa is very different from the traditional fantasy fare that I’ve played in and read.

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