RPG Bucket List Or Gaming Resolution for 2012

Recently, I subscribed to the Evil Machinations blog and read through Jade’s Role Playing Game (RPG) Bucket List. The idea is to list the RPGs that I would like to play or run. Below is a list of RPGs that I have not played. There are others that I’ve only played once or twice and would love to play again (Fiasco and Do for example).

  • Technoir - A gorgeous presentation with the awesome Transmission concept. I’m still working my way through this book, but it’s at the top of the list, especially given it’s high marks.
  • BattleTech - This is certainly influenced by Fear the Boot’s rabid fanaticism, but I’ve always had a soft spot for miniatures combat. Throw in a feudal society and I’m seriously interested.
  • Burning Empires I love Burning Wheel and am fascinated by the concept of a truly adversarial game master and rules to enforce it.
  • Lacuna Part I - Role-playing agents who delve into the shared “dream world” and unraveling what it means. The dungeon is the waking world? Or is it the dream world?
  • Apocalypse World 📖 - Golden Geek winner for best RPG, the systemic layering of moves is fantastic. I’ve played Dungeon World and really enjoyed it.
  • Dogs in the Vineyard - The conflict escalation pressure cooker is very intriguing.
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess - Dungeons and Dragons (D&D 📖) stripped to what I consider to be it’s core. Many of the obscenely powerful spells have been stripped away.
  • Microscope - Collaborative world/epoch building engine.
  • Reign Enchiridion - I love Birthright and the idea of having agency at the macro-level. Reign appears to handle this quite well.
  • Inspectres - A Ghostbusters type RPG with the confessional couch.

I should probably lay out a plan for making this happen, but knowing is half the battle. Of the above Microscope, Inspectres, and Lacuna Part I appear to be the easiest to bring to the table. Followed by Technoir, Dogs in the Vineyard, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and Apocalypse World. Then Reign Enchiridion, with it’s unique mechanics. And finally BattleTech (no minis, no rulebook) and Burning Empires.

And herein lies the challenge. I want to play in long running campaigns (8+ sessions) that see characters develop and events unfold. I also want to experience via play the different game systems. All of this is in tension with finite time for my hobby.

So my New Years Resolution for 2012 is to play two of the above games face to face with my friends.