Just Arrived - Loviatar

Loviatar Issues #1 to #6
Loviatar Issues #1 to #6

Today, I got issues #1 to #6 of the Loviatar zine. Lovingly hand-crafted by Christian, these artifacts harken back to the days of yore.

So today, as I’m working on a new review, I’m pausing to appreciate Christian’s hard work. He’s a fan dedicated to the hobby. He is using Loviatar, in part, as the impetus for preparing his home campaign.

From Loviatar Issue #1’s Introduction

There’s a quiet industry that I appreciate about zines. It’s an effort that requires a great deal of diligence…even though the age of zines has long passed I still want to press on. I cling to a naÏve hope that someday people will tire of Twitter, Facebook and web forums and will look to their mailboxes as a source of occasional stimulation and communication.

Rock on Christian! I look forward to reading your work, though I’m already thankful for the time you’ve spent.