Just Arrived - A Boatload of Louie

Brad Murray diligently notifies, via Role Playing Game (RPG 📖) Geek and Google+, the gaming world when Lulu is offering print coupons. The discounts offered on Lulu are eaten by Lulu so the small publisher gets the same amount for each printed book.

So I decided to pull the trigger and buy John Harper’s Agon and Jason Morningstar’s Grey Ranks from Lulu.

…and I Got “A Boatload of Louie”

Lulu had shipped me the wrong books. My partner started reading it and was laughing out loud. So definitely not a complete loss.

I’ve contacted Lulu and am waiting for them to correct the mistake. However, I have to think that someone else, expecting a comic book, got some great RPGs out of the deal. I’d love to hear the other person’s response. I hope those books can find a loving home. I know we’ve appreciated this mistake.