Just Arrived - A Brief History of the World

I’ve been trying to find a few of the more involved board games that I enjoyed in high school and college: Axis & Allies, Diplomacy, and History of the World. I’m somewhat interested in playing them again, but I’m more interested in making sure that I have a few of the more immersive board games available for my son.

There is something wonderful about setting aside several hours to strive for world domination. So this past week, I traded, via the Board Game Geek, for A Brief History of the World.

Maybe my son and his friends will be interested – I’ll play with them if they are interested in losing. Some of his friends were even part of an Axis & Allies club at their school (they go to different schools).

My wife has pointed out to me that it is possible that my son just isn’t as nerdy as I am…or interested in the same things. I figure I’ll suggest the game and see if they are interested in learning it. If not, to the trading stack it goes.