Liberating the Village only to Stumble into the Dungeon

Liberating the Village only to Stumble into the Dungeon is a game session report for Burning Wheel Gold. We played around the table on .

Liberating the Village

The characters agreed to march into the town and confront the restaurant owner, whom we all believed held the village under mental control.

The characters had a hostage, whom we let go.

Upon arriving the village, a large mob of quasi-catatonic villagers followed us to the restaurant.

We didn’t really have a plan.

The kitchen was guarded by two quasi-catatonic unarmed villager thugs.

Peter attempted to go into the kitchen, but the guards blocked his way.

Margaret approached, attempting to flirt with them, but was thrown to the ground…I was hoping they’d throw a punch or something.

At this point, we were considering rushing the kitchen, but the mob was entering the restaurant…we thought they had remained outside, but the Game Master (GM 🔍) clarified

Peter began using his wand to stack chairs and obstructions so no more villagers would come in

Chase ( Player Character (PC 🔍)), Ryan ( Non-Player Character (NPC 🔍)), and Zoe (NPC) was keeping an eye on the situation, with bows drawn.

Margaret brushed herself off, and pushed her way past two men (B4 Power vs. B5 Power, and Margaret won).

Margaret burst into the kitchen, and barricaded the door.

In the kitchen, an assistant and the cook were preparing a stew.

Margaret approached the cauldron, hoping, with touch of the ages, to determine more…it was 35 years old (B4 Perception with 1 Success).

Margaret helped chop some of the meat.

Margaret conversed with the cook, and knew he was up to no good…he didn’t know the name of his assistant.

Margaret left the kitchen, and as she was leaving, drew her dagger…never turning back.

Margaret opened the door, and turned.

The cook cast “The Fear” affecting the assistant, Peter, Margaret, and two serving maids.

Peter was immune, and Margaret made her Steal test.

Margaret threw her dagger, missing.

Peter cast “Spark Shower” and inflicted a B9 on the cook…he took a Traumatic wound and was down.

The restaurant erupted in a bit of a panic, apparently the spell wasn’t yet broken.

Several attempted to grab Chase, but he narrowly escaped.

One of the guards attempted to grab Margaret, but she squirmed away.

Another guard punched Peter, inflicting only a glancing blow.

Margaret got away, turned, and cast “The Fear” sending her pursuers away.

Then mercilessly Margaret disemboweled the cook, breaking the spell.

Margaret found a few rings on his person.

There were several cookbooks, several of which were very unsavory, and magical in nature.

Margaret and Chase ransacked his quarters, and didn’t find the cook to be part of any grander plot. They did find a huge chest of gold.

Margaret and Chase gave a non-to-convincing oratory about restoring the village, and distributed the wealth evenly…after all who knows who’s money all of it was.

Peter discovered that the cook was named Dormond Rheinholt…and was using people as part of the ingredients.

The mayor’s wife was asking around about her husband, and though the characters weren’t able to find his remains, they did know his fate.

Margaret and Chase consoled the mayor’s widow, though eventually Margaret verbally confronted her with some Ugly Truth, saying that the widow would need to move on quickly, because that money wouldn’t last.

The characters then departed the town, to make their way home.

Returning from Whence We Came

As they approached the border crossing, Margaret and Chase attempted to disguise themselves, but without proper tools and training, were only nominally successful…there was an outstanding warrant for both of them.

Passing through the border fortress, Margaret was noticed, as was Chase. Margaret surrendered after she refused to doff her shirt.

Margaret and Chase were detained, though Peter, Klaudio, Ryan, and Zoe were free to go about their business.

Peter insisted on staying with the wagon, and threw his wife’s family name around, attempting to verbally bully the guards.

The border magistrate packed up Margaret and Chase to send them to the capital for questioning.

Peter made sure that Margaret’s crossbow and dagger as well as Chase’s sword and bow were brought along.

Falling into the Wrong Hands

The characters arrived in the capital, Peter went home to his wife; Klaudio to his store; Ryan and Zoe joined Peter; and Chase and Margaret were thrown in the dungeon.

Margaret’s quarters were dark and dank amongst the murderers and rapists.

Chase had nicer quarters.

The inquisitor badgered Margaret and Chase for further information…Mack the Butcher, the Brotherhood, sorcery, murders of civilians, cult daggers, a marauding dwarf, and our sister.

Margaret learned the inquisitor’s name…Cedric the Inquisitor.

After twenty minutes of the “in-game inquisition routine,” Chase relented and gave a mostly complete recounting of the exploits. He learned that the dwarf was in the capital and that Chase’s other sister, Julie, was being held in the capital.

We wrapped up the session…and everyone was awarded a Deeds point for liberating the village.

Session Wrap Up

I modified Margaret’s beliefs…“Inquisitor Cedric must pay for what he has done to our family. I will get the dwarf involved in my revenge!”

Margaret now has the requisite Deed point for Grey shifting her Will. I will be pounding on this mercilessly, so I can Grey shift the stat before I open many of her Will-based skills…and here-in lies another aspect of the game.

Thus far, I’ve spent 9 Fate, 4 Persona, and 2 Deed points on Will. I’m clearly going to need to open-end every Will test that I make. And if I’m going to have enough Persona points, I’m going to need to make actionable Beliefs…and revenge is very actionable. Time to find a dwarf and work hard to convince him to help in my revenge.

And in pushing for a Grey shifted Will, Margaret is going to become a dangerous social combatant…which is not the direction I thought she’d go when we first started the campaign. Of the three player characters, Margaret is by far the least capable of influencing and affecting others. She has however proven indispensable with her powerful divinations.