Dungeon World Custom Moves for Ziggurat of the Sun Princess

Note: This post has content disclaimers.

This past Sunday our usual gaming group wasn’t able to meet. So I gathered up a few players, whipped up some Dungeon World characters, and ran them through Josh Mannon’s “Ziggurat of the Sun Princess” [Free Portable Document Format (PDF) download here].

I thought that I’d be running the game for 4 players so I made 4 custom moves to hand out and unlock throughout play. They help me, as the Game Master (GM 🔍), set the tone for what is going on.

And, in the case of Child of the Sun, it really drove one of the players to push hard to get a Sun Stone, as there was a tremendous mechanical advantage tied to touching the Sun Stone.

Expedition Leader

Others are looking to you to lead them on this expedition to the Ziggurat of the Sun Princess. Your sponsor has placed faith in you to make sure that the Sun Stones are properly cared for.

Tell them why you are fit to lead this expedition and roll+CHA. On a 10+ Hold 3, on a 7-9 Hold 1. When you give an order to a player character you may spend 1 hold. If the player character follows your order, you both mark Experience Points (XP 🔍).

Haunted Dreamer

Your travels to the Ziggurat of the Sun Princess have been plagued with visions of flowers shedding tears of blood.

While you are travelling to the Ziggurat, tell everyone about your dream and roll+Wis. On a 10+ Hold 3, on a 7-9 Hold 1. When you see a part of your dream, previously told or remembered just now, exclaim “I have dreamt this!” then spend 1 hold and take +1.

Child of the Sun

Your body aches to behold and touch a legendary Sun Stone. You’ve heard it calling.

When you touch your first Sun Stone then roll+Con. On a 10+ Hold 3, on a 7-9 Hold 1. As part of another move, you may proclaim “Father Sun, guide me!” and channel your heritage then spend 1 hold to select the dice result of your move’s roll.

Childhood Stomping Ground

As a child, you remember playing on the Ziggurat…it was overrun with vegetation and a perfect place to hide from those who pestered you.

When you first approach the Ziggurat tell everyone who it was you used to hide from and lead them to where you found that secret entrance so long ago then roll+Int. On a 10+ choose 3, on a 7-9 choose 1:

  • The entrance is not in danger of collapse
  • The entrance is not trapped
  • The entrance remains undiscovered
  • The entrance is not home to a native creature