Kick In the Door…Dungeon World Kickstarter is Live

The Dungeon World Kickstarter is live…and is already fully funded. The game designers are working on creating their stretch goals.

I’m eager to get a physical copy, as this game is one that reliably ignites my imagination – both invoking memories of my early days of gaming as well as the excitement of a fantastic yarn.

Consider supporting this game; it is $25 for a softcover.  And as always, the text is freely available on Github – [canonical source] and [my fork].

6 thoughts on “Kick In the Door…Dungeon World Kickstarter is Live

  1. So, you’ve got me completely fascinated with Dungeon World, and I look forward to supporting it on Kickstarter. Thanks for taking the time to talk about this much-ballyhooed system. I am anxious to get to read the advanced rules, but the github code version tunes me right out. OOC, is there a way to read that document on Github without the code?

    Either way, thanks for catching my eye! And keep blogging: I’m a Burning Wheel gm, and I find that your posts inspire me in odd ways.

  2. @OnusBone are you a programmer? If so, there is a fork of the Dungeon World github project that has an HTML converter written in clojure. Otherwise, you can join the Dungeon World Adventure Guild (buy the basic set PDF and write about playing the game) and get access to the Beta version.

    Do you have Indesign? That is the format.

    It is possible that this would work:

    And thanks for the comments…I’m curious about posts inspiring you in odd ways.

  3. I only say odd in that you write as a player but inspire me as a GM. Maybe it’s not so unique, but it almost feels like retro-engineering :) Also, I really dig the bullet points, even though I had long considered myself more of an essay-style reporting fan. Maybe it’s the nature of BW, but I find that your more compartmentalized way of treating each interaction conveys the game play excellently. It torqued how I run my game, and caused quite a few aspects of the game to click for myself and, as a result, my players. So, big thanks!

    Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer. Where can I purchase the basic pdf? The website doesn’t appear to have a purchase option, and I assume the kickstarter pdf will not be available until August.

    Double thanks for helping out with this. Totally not yr job, and I totally appreciate it!

  4. @OnusBone I’m both a player and a GM…typically in one game I’ll play and in the other I’ll run. I’ve been taking notes from a GM perspective while playing as a player. The last BBC sessions, which I haven’t posted, have some stuff I want to write about.

    The downloads section ( has almost everything you need for the Red Book edition. I believe with the Kickstarter in full swing, they don’t want to sell the Red Book version, as the rules have been notably updated.

    If I were to get you a plain HTML version of the various chapters would that work? I can probably do it with minimal effort.

    • Oh, no worries. I decided to stop being web-impaired and went straight to the DW email address, and they’re helping me out. Thanks for the offer and the help!

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