Just Arrived – Skyward Steel and Darkness Visible

My first ever RPG was Star Frontiers.  And while I’m at it happy 30th Anniversary by the way.  While the bulk of my RPG experience is in fantasy settings, I continue to dabble with Sci-Fi.

Darkness Visible and Skyward Steel

Darkness Visible and Skyward Steel

And at present, the options are glorious.

I’m sure there are plenty more – I’ve got several of the now out of print Alternity books on my gaming bookshelf.

So when a review at GameHead of “Stars without Number” stumbled through my Feedreader, I took notice. I had previously downloaded the free version of “Stars without Number” and was wondering if I should pull the trigger on purchasing the hard copy.

As a side note, I want my gaming material in hard-copy. As physical products I can pull them out, read them, legally lend them, and give them away.

The review, by Ian Williams, pointed out that “Stars without Number” is all about the sandbox style game.  And there were several supplements available for other sandbox style games – namely a naval campaign and an intrigue and espionage campaign.

I was hooked on the idea of sandbox tools for running a naval campaign and an espionage campaign.  So I purchased both “Skyward Steel” and “Darkness Visible“.  I’ve already put an order in to my locally owned book store to get a pricing quote for a physical copy of “Stars without Number.”

Other Reviews

And now for some other endorsements

  • Grognardia – “simple, flexible SF RPG that truly accommodates sandbox play like no other”
  • John Harper’s micro-review – “quite possibly the best sandbox-gaming RPG ever made”

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