Dungeon World Denizens of the Moathouse

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I’m working on my GenCon adventure, and have an initial draft of the Dungeon World version of the denizens of the Moathouse. I’m curious about some of the moves, as I feel they might be weak – moves by the humans seem weak to me.

So leave a comment if you have suggestions.

Brigand [Group, Organized, Intelligent, Cautious]
Spear (d6) 3 HP 📖 , 1 Armor [Close, Reach]
Instinct: To get rich
Waylay travellers, Spring an ambush

Brigand Leader [Solitary, Organized, Intelligent, Cautious]
Spear (d10) 12 HP, 1 Armor [Close, Reach]
Instinct: To get rich
Order a hasty retreat, Execute a plan

Bugbear [Group, Intelligent, Large, Stealthy, Hoarder, Devious]
Spear (d8+1) 10 HP, 2 Armor [Close, Reach]
Instinct: To gain treasure
Strike the unaware, Investigate the light source

Crayfish, Giant [Solitary, Large]
Mandibles (d10+1) 16 HP, 3 Armor [Close, Reach]
Special Qualities: Aquatic, Landcrawler
Instinct: To drown its meal
Lunge out of the water, Retreat into the depths

Frog, Giant [Group]
Bash (d8) 6 HP, 0 Armor [Close, Reach]
Special Qualities: Amphibious Instinct: To eat
Entangle with tongue, Swallow, Digest the swallowed

Ghoul [Group]
Talons (d8 1 piercing), 10 HP, 1 Armor [Close, Messy]
Special Qualities: Undead
Instinct: To eat
Gnaw off a body part, Gain the memories of their meal, Temporarily paralyze their victim

Gnoll [Group, Organized, Intelligent]
Longbow/Bite (d8) 6 HP, 1 Armor [Close,Near, Far]
Special Qualities: Scent
Instinct: To obey the alpha
Doggedly track pray, Strike at a moment of weakness, Bite your face

Gnoll, Alpha [Solitary, Organized, Intelligent]
Longbow/Bite (d10 1 piercing) 12 HP, 2 Armor [Close, Near, Far]
Special Qualities: Scent
Instinct: To get the best for his pack
Demand obedience, Send the pack to hunt, Bite your face

Green Slime [Group, Gibbous]
Drip (0) 9 HP, 1 Armor [Close]
Special Qualities: Amorphous, Slow Moving
Instinct: To assimilate all life
Cover in slime, Transform the slimed to slime

Guardsman, Elite [Group, Organized, Intelligent]
Longsword/Crossbow (d6) 6 HP, 1 Armor [Close,Near, Far]
Instinct: To do as ordered
Investigate unusual noises, Call for help

Lareth the Beautiful [Solirary, Organized, Intelligent, Devious, Magical]
Staff (d10) 12 HP, 5 Armor [Close]
Instinct: To survive
Bolster allies through unholy prayers, Channel unholy energies of the demon spider goddess

Lieutenant [Solitary, Organized, Intelligent]
Longsword/Longbow (2d10•b 1 piercing) 12 HP, 4 Armor [Close,Near,Far]
Instinct: To protect Lareth
Get between Lareth and enemies, Channel unholy fury

Lizard, Giant [Solitary, Large]
Bite (d10+1) 12 HP, 2 Armor [Close]
Instinct: To protect its nest
Engulf prey, bite with great force, tail lash

Lubash [Solitary, Large, Intelligent, Horder]
Polearm (d8+5) 10 HP, 1 Armor [Close,Reach,Forceful]
Instinct: To grind bones to meal
Destroy something, Throw large rocks, Smash two heads together

Rat, Giant [Horde, Small]
Bite (d6 1 piercing) 7 HP, 1 Armor [Close, Messy]
Instinct: To devour
Swarm, Rip apart something

Sergeant [Solitary, Organized, Intelligent]
Longsword (d10+1) 12 HP, 2 Armor [Close]
Instinct: To abide by the chain of command
Command my men, Patrol the area, Raise the alarm

Snake, Giant [Solitary, Large, Stealthy]
Bite (d10+1) 12 HP, 2 Armor [Close, Poison]
Instinct: To eat
Sicken with a bite, Encoil, Slither away through maze of tunnels

Spider, Giant [Solitary, Stealthy]
Bite (d10) 12 HP, 1 Armor [Close, Poison]
Instinct: To eat
Weaken with a bite, Entangle with webs, Spring from hiding place

Tick, Giant [Solitary]
Bite (d10) 12 HP, 3 Armor [Close]
Special Qualities: Slow Moving
Instinct: To drink blood
Latch onto victim, Drain blood