Dungeon World Denizens of the Moathouse

I’m working on my GenCon adventure, and have an initial draft of the Dungeon World version of the denizens of the Moathouse. I’m curious about some of the moves, as I feel they might be weak – moves by the humans seem weak to me.

So leave a comment if you have suggestions.

Brigand [Group, Organized, Intelligent, Cautious]
Spear (d6) 3 Hit Point (HP 📖), 1 Armor [Close, Reach]
Instinct: To get rich
Waylay travellers, Spring an ambush

Brigand Leader [Solitary, Organized, Intelligent, Cautious]
Spear (d10) 12 HP, 1 Armor [Close, Reach]
Instinct: To get rich
Order a hasty retreat, Execute a plan

Bugbear [Group, Intelligent, Large, Stealthy, Hoarder, Devious]
Spear (d8+1) 10 HP, 2 Armor [Close, Reach]
Instinct: To gain treasure
Strike the unaware, Investigate the light source

Crayfish, Giant [Solitary, Large]
Mandibles (d10+1) 16 HP, 3 Armor [Close, Reach]
Special Qualities: Aquatic, Landcrawler
Instinct: To drown its meal
Lunge out of the water, Retreat into the depths

Frog, Giant [Group]
Bash (d8) 6 HP, 0 Armor [Close, Reach]
Special Qualities: Amphibious Instinct: To eat
Entangle with tongue, Swallow, Digest the swallowed

Ghoul [Group]
Talons (d8 1 piercing), 10 HP, 1 Armor [Close, Messy]
Special Qualities: Undead
Instinct: To eat
Gnaw off a body part, Gain the memories of their meal, Temporarily paralyze their victim

Gnoll [Group, Organized, Intelligent]
Longbow/Bite (d8) 6 HP, 1 Armor [Close,Near, Far]
Special Qualities: Scent
Instinct: To obey the alpha
Doggedly track pray, Strike at a moment of weakness, Bite your face

Gnoll, Alpha [Solitary, Organized, Intelligent]
Longbow/Bite (d10 1 piercing) 12 HP, 2 Armor [Close, Near, Far]
Special Qualities: Scent
Instinct: To get the best for his pack
Demand obedience, Send the pack to hunt, Bite your face

Green Slime [Group, Gibbous]
Drip (0) 9 HP, 1 Armor [Close]
Special Qualities: Amorphous, Slow Moving
Instinct: To assimilate all life
Cover in slime, Transform the slimed to slime

Guardsman, Elite [Group, Organized, Intelligent]
Longsword/Crossbow (d6) 6 HP, 1 Armor [Close,Near, Far]
Instinct: To do as ordered
Investigate unusual noises, Call for help

Lareth the Beautiful [Solirary, Organized, Intelligent, Devious, Magical]
Staff (d10) 12 HP, 5 Armor [Close]
Instinct: To survive
Bolster allies through unholy prayers, Channel unholy energies of the demon spider goddess

Lieutenant [Solitary, Organized, Intelligent]
Longsword/Longbow (2d10•b 1 piercing) 12 HP, 4 Armor [Close,Near,Far]
Instinct: To protect Lareth
Get between Lareth and enemies, Channel unholy fury

Lizard, Giant [Solitary, Large]
Bite (d10+1) 12 HP, 2 Armor [Close]
Instinct: To protect its nest
Engulf prey, bite with great force, tail lash

Lubash [Solitary, Large, Intelligent, Horder]
Polearm (d8+5) 10 HP, 1 Armor [Close,Reach,Forceful]
Instinct: To grind bones to meal
Destroy something, Throw large rocks, Smash two heads together

Rat, Giant [Horde, Small]
Bite (d6 1 piercing) 7 HP, 1 Armor [Close, Messy]
Instinct: To devour
Swarm, Rip apart something

Sergeant [Solitary, Organized, Intelligent]
Longsword (d10+1) 12 HP, 2 Armor [Close]
Instinct: To abide by the chain of command
Command my men, Patrol the area, Raise the alarm

Snake, Giant [Solitary, Large, Stealthy]
Bite (d10+1) 12 HP, 2 Armor [Close, Poison]
Instinct: To eat
Sicken with a bite, Encoil, Slither away through maze of tunnels

Spider, Giant [Solitary, Stealthy]
Bite (d10) 12 HP, 1 Armor [Close, Poison]
Instinct: To eat
Weaken with a bite, Entangle with webs, Spring from hiding place

Tick, Giant [Solitary]
Bite (d10) 12 HP, 3 Armor [Close]
Special Qualities: Slow Moving
Instinct: To drink blood
Latch onto victim, Drain blood