Just Arrived – Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space

Today’s my birthday. And while I wait for Github’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL 📖) issues to resolve itself so I can commit an update to the NullDB project, I figure I’ll write about the new Role Playing Game (RPG 📖) that entered our house.

My family loves Doctor Who. In fact, listening to my daughter postulate and formulate River Songs identity at the beginning of Season 6 was a rare treat. She was bringing to bear logic, and television tropes to formulate a grand conjecture. She was right. And her reasoning was sound.

There are other young ones in the family who have spontaneously made a red fez, grabbed a mop, and gallivanted around saying “Fezes are cool!” And there is an unnamed contingent of my family’s youth contingent who have a crush on the 11th Doctor.

Doctor Who is a game that I’ve been curious about the game since I first saw it, but didn’t feel like I would get a chance to play it…or even find time to read it. But then a strange moment struck me, and I began thinking about an Apocalypse World hack that might involve time travel. And I knew I wanted to reference another game to see what they do, not because I’m going to rip the rules from there, but because I want additional information.

In any case, the game arrived and I cracked it open. Up for grabs as immediately playable characters are the Doctor, Donna Noble, Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, K-9, Sarah Jane, Rory, and Captain Jack. Sweet awesome sauce. Sometime soon, I hope to read it, but that may need to be after GenCon. I’m sure once my kids find out the game arrived, they will want to play.

For those who are keeping score, the production values of this game are fantastic. Gorgeous art work pulled directly from the show, heavy stock character sheets, a pack of dice. A boxed set for those who’ve never played an RPG before.