Diaspora Character Creation – Alexandros Teleman

Diaspora Cluster
Diaspora Cluster

A few months back, . My goal was to make sure we played out a platoon combat. We did play that session, but haven’t since then. Below are my notes for my character.

Growing Up

My father, Darius Teleman, is a general in the Andorian Congressional Guard. My mother a Rylon slave. Father insisted on providing the best education. I grew up under the tutelage of numerous brilliant minds, many of whom were captured X scientists. My toys were maps and armor replicas. My childhood friends were war simulations.

Aspects: Father’s involved in everything I do; Cold and calculating

Starting Out

Alexandros graduated from the Congressional Academy with highest honors. He was given command of the Yellow Phoenix Brigade. Navigating the political labyrinth came easily and he quickly rose in ranks assuming control of the Phoenix Platoon.

Aspects: Smooth-talking Politician, Leader of the Phoenix Platoon

Moment of Crisis

The Slag Syndicate provided advanced armor prototypes used by the Phoenix Platoon to quell the Jesper uprising. While mechanically sound, the interfaces were confounding and prone to reboots. During the battle of Jaros, the Phoenix Platoon was routed and Alexandros taken hostage. General Darius Teleman leaned hard on the Slag Syndicate and secretly brokered an arms for hostage exchange.

Aspects: Tortured hostage; Once more into the breach!


Alexandros had heard of Berto, a Rylon slave; Alexandros’ mother had found that he was the vintner for the Whispering Blossoms. His wines were among the most coveted in all the worlds. A plan was hatched, and Alexandros setup an opportunity to claim Berto as his personal vintner. The events went according to plan and Berto was brought to me. The investigation into the events was eventually stonewalled by my father. And Berto now travels with me, fermenting custom spirits for me and my family.

Aspects: Skeletons in the closet; Wine snob

On Your Own

Mother’s Day is coming and I’m looking for something unique for her. A trip to Rylon was in order. Father insisted on traveling to Rylos so that I may checkup on Big Mike. He may be sympathetic to the AFF. I am here incognito, donning one of my alter egos.

Aspects: Lead a double-life; Loyal to my family

Skill Tree

  • Rank 5: Tactics
  • Rank 4: Agility, Alertness
  • Rank 3: Resolve, Charm, Slug Throwers
  • Ranks 2: Medical, Micro G, Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA 📖), Oratory
  • Rank 1: Intimidation, Stamina, Survival, Bureaucracy, Culture/Tech Jesper


  • Natural Swordsman: Use Agility for Close-Combat
  • Military-grade Alertness
  • Military-grade Slug Throwers