An Arrival Entirely Unexpected - Wampus County Edition

I’m participating in the Wampus County summer contest; hurry it’s almost over. Here’s my entry.

An Arrival Entirely Unexpected

With the bridge washed out, Welliver Q. Rumpscullion and Miss Lulubelle Harch find themselves stranded in a wayside inn. An odd assortment of travelers slowly gather over the course of a three day deluge. Drying by the fireside, they each exchange tales. Mr. Rumpscullion excuses himself to the corner, tutting and muttering at each outlandish tale.

Who Arrived

For each visitor that arrives, roll a d20 once for each column. Give them a name. And figure out what’s up.

Table 17: Roll 4d20, once for each column
d20 Who From Where Where To Why
1 Baron Manor Ducal Seat Right a Grievence
2 Bride Wedding To New Home Recently Married
3 Tinkerer Supply Store Remote Village Fix Something
4 Gambler Next Village Over Another Country Caught Cheating
5 Groom Hometown Neighboring Village "Claim what is his"
6 Guard Keep Right Here Drown Sorrows
7 Sheriff Execution Keep The Job is Done
8 Necromancer Local wizard's tower Graveyard Illicit Supplies
9 Troubadour Neighboring Country Festival Glory
10 Messenger Court Manor Delivering a Secret
11 Grave Robber Graveyard Pawn Shop Sell a Relic
12 Forester Kings Forest Court Deliver Captive
13 Child Home Nowhere Really Running Away
14 Shepherd Pasture Stable Good Tidings
15 Mercenary Battlefield Front Lines Make Some Money
16 Mountebank Like He'd Tell You Capital Score Big
17 Huntsman Remote Cottage Forest Fell Something
18 Researcher Library Hermitage Learn Something Forgotten
19 Priest Church City Convert to the Cause
20 Waiter Right Here Anywhere Follow a Dream