Follow-Up to First Play - Marvel Heroic Role Playing Game

Today, I’m taking the day off to run all kinds of before school errands – school starts August 10th for my family. So I’ve got a bit of time to write a follow-up.

Last night, of the Marvel Heroic Role Playing Game (MHRPG). Later that night, as I was perusing Facebook, I saw a post by my son asking who would win in the fight below:

Clearly the game had struck a cord in Aidan’s teenage brain. I found the game to be very impressive. After writing up the blog post, I went back to the book to read more of what could be done.

My focus was on the Plot Points (PP) and Doom Pool. As it turns out, Thor armed with Plot Points is a terrifying power to behold. Had I recalled the rules, Spawn’s telepathic ambush of Thor for a d10 mental stress would’ve been converted by Thor to a d10 physical stress. With the Second Wind SFX, Thor can much more easily handle a d10 physical stress.

And as I was re-reading the rules, I marvel at the Doom Pool and Plot Point interaction. The physical presence of the Doom Pool and Plot Points at the game table, along with the dice assigned for assets, complications, and stress; creates a narrative map of the current game situation.

During an action scene, a quick glance at the table revealed a lot of information. As the Watcher, I could quickly glance at my Doom Pool and at Aidan’s Plot Point chips and see he held a distinct advantage. Those quick points of reference were useful in my mental planning for what came next.

This morning, as I made my way downstairs, Aidan (a teenager) was already up at 8am. Strange how he’s a morning person. Almost immediately he asked if we could continue our game from last night.

So I guess that is another “+1” for the Marvel Heroic Role Playing Game. The players want to go another round!