Wampus County Honorable Mention

My “An Arrival Entirely Unexpected” post won an honorable mention from the Wampus County Summer Competition. I quickly generated my list, but it sounds like Gustle poured some heart and soul into his entry.

I’m looking forward to seeing the compiled results. There are an awful lot of potentially inspiring entries that are going to be compiled by Erik Jensen.

As part of my winnings, I get to “commission” a multi-column d100 random table. I’ve settled on one of two possible options: a random game name and victory condition generator or a random pithy curse generator.

I’m sure there could be all kinds of fantastic tables that Erik could create, but I feel adding a table that is not part of the existing range of options would be the best. I have no need for a home grown table, as I’ve rarely consulted them.

But maybe, just maybe, I’ll make that ugly Gamemaster notebook with its odd collection of print outs as a reference. Or worse, I’ll write up some web-based shareable random table generator.