Coordinating a Game Day


I’m exploring what it would take to get an Role Playing Game (RPG 🔍) Game Day coordinated in my hometown. The demographics slant very heavily towards board games, but I know several are lapsed RPGers or RPG-curious people – and RPGs being a somewhat private hobby, I’m sure there are those out there that would surprise me.

I’ve helped get 2 somewhat large Board Game day events coordinated several years ago, though those were amongst friends – albeit 30 or so friends.

Currently, my suspicion is that I would want at least 3 Game Masters (GMs 🔍) for this first attempt at a game day, and perhaps as many as 5 GMs. Looking at some longer running game days, it appears that they have two 4-hour slots at their game days.

Does it make sense to scrounge up GMs first and then coordinate a date? Or do you think people prefer a date that they can pencil in? And I really don’t want to step on the toes of the fledgeling South Bend Games Day – I can’t make it to the first iteration, but hopefully this will continue.

Facilities? There are two that rise to the top, one is a 4 season city park facility, the other is a banquet hall. The banquet hall has a better location, namely near the downtown which is actually quite vibrant, but the cost could be prohibitive. It is possible another option may emerge.

Food? Assuming the price is right, the downtown venue would be ideal for food. Goshen has some truly fantastic restaurants in the compact 3 block area. And maybe with a bit of leg work, I could get some “use that day” coupon arrangements with them.

And as far as recovering costs for facilities, do you view them as a sunk cost? Or do you charge an entrance fee? Or charge per game played?

Does it make sense to keep the scope limited to RPGs? Or are there those who would come if there were board and card games.

Has anyone had experience with coordinating a Game Day in a not so urban area – horror stories? My hometown, Goshen, is 30K, Elkhart is 50K, we are about 40 minutes from Warsaw 14K, South Bend 100K, and Mishawaka 50K. The area is much more analogous to a large suburbs.

Any and all advice would be appreciated.