Dungeon World - Google Hangouts Session 3

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Dungeon World - Google Hangouts Session 3 is a game session report for Dungeon World. We played via Google Hangouts on .

We are working on naming the campaign, but this is a loose session report of our second Google Hangouts game of Dungeon World. You can .

The session began with everyone still clunking their way around the technical interface of Google Hangouts and Tabletop Forge. Last week, we had trouble getting Travis in on the action. This week Mark was running and Travis, Jim, Marissa, Morgan, and I were playing. Fortunately, this week went off rather smoothly.

Quick recap of the cast:

  • King Nara, female human ranger, always shrowded in cold [Marissa]
  • Dunwick, male human bard, master of the stage [Morgan]
  • Bartleby, male human fighter, blacksmith apprentice [Travis]
  • Ovid, male human wizard, seeking knowledge [Jim]
  • Humble, male human thief, treasure seeking [me]

Sequence of Events (to the best of my recollection, and not much of a session report, more erratic notes):

The Meeting and Beating of Ovid

Nara, Dunwick, Bartleby, Humble in the underground tunnels, see Ovid and an earth elemental

Established communication with elementals is “Raise arms then speak then lower arms when done.”

“Bartleby, why are you here?” - I was enlisted by the town to secure the goblin frontier

“Ovid, why are you in the caves?” - “To investigate the theory that the origins of the goblins and dwarves are connected”

“Humble, what is the con you and Dunwick have been running?” - “We are museum curators, looking for more items to sell.”

Question to Ovid “Why is the earth elemental angry at you?” “Because I summoned him from the elemental plane of earth, where he was enjoying a nice lava bath.”

Ovid attempts to escape the clutches of the elemental, and squirms away with Nara’s help.

In helping Ovid, Nara is put in danger. She is pummeled, but her wolf takes the brunt of the attack.

Humble, seeing the massive scintillating gem on the elemental back, runs up its back, and plucks the gem out sending it skittering along the floor. Further enraging the elemental.

Bartleby charges in with fists of steel driving the earth elemental back into the stone.

Earth elemental erupts from the stone pummeling Nara and Bartleby

Humble secures the gem

Dunwick, Spouting Lore “- “How do you calm down an out of control earth elemental.” They like drum circles.

Ovid grabs his books and begins clapping arrhythmically (6- roll)

Humble, finding the uncollapsed torso of a fallen goblin successfully helps Dunwick drum a rhythm to ease the rage in the earth elemental.

Bartleby presses the attack, and the earth elemental is dispatched

As a consequence for banishing the elemental in the presence of the arriving emissaries oops, Bartleby must fight for his honor/innocence in Morholt.

As the elemental is dispatched back to its native plane, humble holds the gem as it seeps into primordial goo and dissipates.

Council with King Nara

As previously established the earth elementals return with diplomats.

Tero and Kulmala are emissaries of King Toyvo of the earth elementals

Kulmala emissary of Toyvo, Tero emissary

Conversation regarding arrangements to help the king

Earth elementals prize honesty

Through out the conversation Dunwick (?) Discerns Realities

  • What here is not what it appears to be? Kulmala is concerned that you won’t say yes; Tero is a diplomat
  • What here is useful and valuable to me? Kulmala and Tero work for different people
  • Who is really in control here? Kulmala

Dunwick hits on the earth elemental…after all their sexuality is complicated

Humble suggests that Tero tour the goblin troops while Kulmala remains with King Nara

Humble, having pushed one contingent on a military inspection, slinks away to hide from all the big nasties.

Kulmala says the king is a good king; Many, however, have born the cost of the battle with the darkness.

Kulmala says “The dwellings closest to the lava and magma are most valuable.”

Kulmala is an elitist a One Percenter if you will

Kulmala doesn’t want a silly deal with the goblins

Morholt, earth elemental city, has troops; Could be mobilized against the darkness, but king is sympathetic to populist movement; Kulmala is seeking a revolution.

Secure forces of the king, Kulmala would reward us with riches. Seek the king’s blessing to utilize the troops.

Do what ever it takes to get the king to leave troops with us.

As Bartleby, Nara, and Tero tour the goblin warrens

Bartleby discerns realitiesconcerning his upcoming battle.

  • What should I be on the lookout for? Reshaping the ground
  • What here is useful or valuable to me? Slow moving; stuff behind them catches them off guard
  • What here appears not to be what it is? There appears to be a central component about an earth elemental

During the tour, the baby dragon starts a fire in the kitchen. Nara barks some orders using the following custom move:

When you tell the goblins what to do…On a 10+: Pick 3 On a 7-9: Pick 1

  • They do it.
  • They don’t fuck it up.
  • You don’t have to hurt them

Roll + Str

She successfully commands the goblins.

Tero explains that there are devious and cunning factions within the city of Morholt

A little bit of Spout Lore from Ovid concerning the deep dark dragonLong ago in the times of myth and legend. Dark dragon Arja – formed from the dark energy summoned from the dark stones, power his black and ignoble heart. Reforging these stones in the dwarven forge to a weapon to defeat Arja.

The characters agree to journey, by way of the earth elemental shaping stone, to Morholt.

Only the earth elementals can bring the characters back.

Nara bestows Vizier status on the former goblin king.

And with that, the characters depart for Morholt.