An Odd Duck that Dungeon World

This week, I released Take On Magic Items, a magic item supplement for Dungeon World. Take On Magic Items has even crawled its way up to the 6th slot on DriveThruRPG’s Hottest Items – as of today it’s slipped to 9th. And you can’t even buy Dungeon World at this point – it looks like it will be available late 2012.

You can, however, freely and legally reference the plain documents either in raw Extensible Markup Language (XML) form at Github or in a prettier, albeit artless, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) form at, or download the ePub or PDF. These are the most current, free, publicly available versions of Dungeon World.

It is also possible that you have one of the Dungeon World red books, which contained a fully playable version that has some notable differences – Hit Points, Monster Levels, and Saving Throws – than the current iteration. There are echoes of D&D’s original edition changes in Dungeon World.

You can also find the freely available, and quite good, Dungeon World Guide by Eon Fontes-May and Sean Dunstan to help you get a better grasp on Dungeon World – especially if you are coming from the highly structured combat initiative systems.

Or Travis Scott’s “Things” – a collection odds and ends. I never did say it loud enough “I love me some Stygian Coins.” And don’t forget the bonus material at

Or, perhaps you want to purchase Josh Mannon’s “Within Devil’s Reach”; A Dungeon World adventure that was successfully kickstarted before the latest Dungeon World iteration was announced. And there is . Both of which are part of Josh’s Gears of the Worm God campaign.

So at this moment, the Dungeon World community has supplements available for purchase while the cornerstone product cannot be purchased; But we are not in the lurch because Sage Kobold Productions has licensed Dungeon World via Creative Commons and released the text on Github.

I am waiting, as if in the Christmas advent season, for the arrival of the print version of the game. But its absence is not keeping me, nor others, from producing additional content. In fact, I have a few other Dungeon World ideas rattling around.