Celebrating My 202nd Post

Somehow my 200th post passed without me noticing. But I will not let my 202nd post pass without something to show for it. So I’m running my first contest.

The Contest

In the comments for this post, tell me something game related that you would like me to see me write about. This would obviously be based on my experience and game collection, so you might be surprised at what I write.

The contest ends October 31st, 2012 at 11:59pm EDT and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

The Winner

On November 1st, I will pick my personal favorite comment and one other random comment. Both commenters will receive a free copy of my Take On Magic Items. If you already have a copy of Take On Magic Items, I will give you an IOU for my next supplement – which is in the works.

The Fine Print

I will do my best to write, in a timely manner, a post using the prompt of my favorite comment. But no promises.

And What are My Top Posts?

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9 thoughts on “Celebrating My 202nd Post

  1. Dark Tower, an electronically augmented board game, was one of my early adventure board games. There was a particular sound it made as you attacked the tower.

    It’s been 20 years. When will this sound stop reverberating in my brain?

  2. “Lord of the Fries” is a fun game from Cheap Ass Games. Have you played any of their games? What’s your favorite?

  3. I’d be interested in hearing your reflections on violence in gaming, particularly with children. Combat always seems to be a memorable part of a gaming experience. But society is freaked out about violence and children. What’s the role of violence in table-top games, both mechanically and in regard to children in particular?

  4. Which games make it easy to run them in public for strangers, and which put up barriers? Are designers obliged to worry about that, or it not their job, and they should leave working that out to the advocacy/facilitation community?

    And/or… online play, via Skype/Hangout/etc. What’s the single thing that’ll fuck up a game right out of the gate that we might not have thought of, and what’s the single thing that’ll help it go smoothly we might not have thought of?

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