And the Winner Is…

For my 202nd post, I ran a contest. My 203rd post is to announce the winners. There were only a few participants. The winner of my Personal Favorite post is Jeremy Garber. And the winner of the random dice roll – a D4 was used – was Greg Sommers.

Jeremy asked for me to post about my reflections on violence in gaming. I’m not a psychology expert, though I think one of my characters once was, but I’m interested in giving it a crack.

I also think that Jim Crocker’s about games that can be played in public is interesting. I don’t have a lot of experience, but I’m intrigued about thinking about this.

James A, I haven’t used Candle Magic in many of my games. I remember thinking the Candle Mage in Rolemaster was kind of lame. But I have some ideas, and if I make a Take On More Magic Items, I’ll definitely do some research.

And Greg Sommers, alas Dark Tower was a game I’ve only played a few times. It does not haunt my dreams. And regarding Cheap Ass Games, I’ve played a lot of Lightspeed and will be bringing that to Game Day – a fantastic game that balance speed, tactics, and spatial reasoning. I have also seen played Unexploded Cow.

But I’ve decided to award everyone a copy of Take On Magic Items – though I know one of the entrants already has a copy. So he’ll get a copy of whatever I happen to do next.

Thank you for reading my blog. And now it is time to tuck in the kids and get to work on something for National Game Design Month.

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