Moleskin Maps II by Matt Jackson

I love maps. Ever since my first reading of Tolkien, maps have held a special place in my heart. From my cloth map of Ultima VI, to the Birthright campaign map, to the blue printed maps in the old Tactical Rules Studies (TSR 📖) modules; maps permeate the hobby.

And Matt Jackson has been delivering fantastic maps. First he gave us Moleskin Maps I See and now we have eleven more area maps in Moleskin Maps II.

Each map is two pages. The first page provides a small map and a worksheet for filling out the Location Name, Background, Key Locations, Game Master (GM 📖) Notes, Wandering Encounters, and Major Treasure. The second page is the full-sized version of the small map.

As a GM you will need to do some work to populate the map; Then again, the GM is the best person to do the work.

Some of the maps are very simple structures with a few logical “rooms;” Others are more complicated structures with several rooms and passage ways.

If I had to name these locations I’d say go with:

  • Fault line cave
  • Bandit cave at the falls
  • Collapsed tower and cave stores
  • Fortification in the box canyon
  • Dwarf crypt
  • Shelter for the night
  • Owlbear den
  • River smugglers den
  • Pit slave quarters
  • Goblin warrens
  • Gladiator arena monster’s lair

Then again, who knows what thoughts they will evoke in you. Like its predecessor, Moleskin Maps II is a fantastic compliment for your GM toolbox.