Ice Mummer – A Dungeon World Monster

I’ve been kicking around a Dungeon World dungeon starter, but had hit a road block. Meanwhile, Christmas happened, and I got a fountain pen and a vial of ink. My wife graciously let me use her calligraphy pen, and this sprung from the inky reservoir.

The Ice Mummers

The Ice Mummers

So presented is my effort to codify what I felt was an evocative phrase:

Ice Mummer

Group, Devious
Slam (d6); 13 HP, 1 Armor
Special Qualities: Made of ice

The meticulously reconstituted frozen remains of a person ritually frozen then shattered into thousands of pieces, an ice mummer is the agent of what most certainly is a greater evil. Bound to its icy oxidized bronze mask, the voiceless ice mummer is a harbinger of its master’s incursion.

Instinct: To obey its master

  • Reveal the horror beneath the mask
  • Disperse in a whirlwind of ice and snow
  • To be its master’s eyes

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