Ice Mummer - A Dungeon World Monster

“The Ice Mummers” written in block calligraphy
The Ice Mummers

I’ve been kicking around a Dungeon World dungeon starter, but had hit a road block. Meanwhile, Christmas happened, and I got a fountain pen and a vial of ink. My partner graciously let me use her calligraphy pen, and this sprung from the inky reservoir.

So presented is my effort to codify what I felt was an evocative phrase:

Ice Mummer

Group, Devious
Slam (d6); 13 Hit Point (HP 📖), 1 Armor
Special Qualities: Made of ice

The meticulously reconstituted frozen remains of a person ritually frozen then shattered into thousands of pieces, an ice mummer is the agent of what most certainly is a greater evil. Bound to its icy oxidized bronze mask, the voiceless ice mummer is a harbinger of its master’s incursion.

Instinct: To obey its master

  • Reveal the horror beneath the mask
  • Disperse in a whirlwind of ice and snow
  • To be its master’s eyes