Random Bonds Generator for Dungeon World

Note: This post has content disclaimers.

Having started out several Dungeon World games, one thing that I think may grow stale is the starting bonds.

update: While originally written for Dungeon World, the following Random Bond generator works well for Dungeons and Dragons: Fifth Edition (5E 🔍).

Roll 1d20 for each of the four columns.

Table 18: Random Dungeon World Bonds; roll 1d20 for each column
d20 Relation Action Modifier Subject
1 ________ has much to teach me about the ridiculousness of angered heirloom
2 ________ insulted me by always calling out knightly reputation
3 ________ misunderstands me about always pushing for golden dreams
4 ________ owes me always relying on blood brother
5 I am bound to ________ for never accepting arcane wealth
6 I blame ________ for never believing in bitter argument
7 I lied to ________ about never forgetting holy sanctuary
8 I rescued ________ from never learning from illicit gifts
9 I respect ________ for running a con on family honor
10 ________ may not know it, but I stole from them for running away with eternal secrets
11 I travel with ________ as we both seek knowledge about speaking poorly of king's authority
12 I implicitly trust ________ for the ritual of forbidden knowledge
13 I will convince ________ about being central to noble corruption
14 I will protect ________ from avoiding tragic primal faith
15 I have much to teach ________ about always believing in guild friendship
16 ________ must forget about never yielding to diabolic violence
17 I will help ________, they are destined for speaking highly of prophetic ramblings
18 I will learn ________'s secret about the destruction of nature's visions
19 ________ is untrustworthy because of their role in the creation of apostatic magic
20 I will sooth ________'s concerns about my involvement in the dangerous allure of lecherous advances

Of course this is just a quick relationship builder, which means it should have a larger application than just Dungeon World.