Bracers of the Bound - A Dungeon World Item

In the campaign I’m running one of the characters has stumbled upon a magic item, that after petitioning his god, has fuzed to his flesh. He has used to command a horde of slave like creatures.

Bracers of the Bound

This set of gold bracers and necklace are adorned with finely cut obsidian. It appears as though a small flame is held within the obsidian. Or maybe the life fire of its previous owner.

When you command someone of a lower station, Roll+CHA. 10+, it will heed your command without question and to the best of its ability. 7-9, that and the Game Master (GM 📖) will make you an offer. If you accept, increment a 5 segment countdown. If you decline, for a few moments your mind is preoccupied with visions of fire and thralldom. The GM will tell you more.