Dungeon World Campaign Playbook

Dungeon World Campaign Playbook
Scribus layout of Dungeon World Campaign Playbook

I’ve been exploring using Scribus, a free desktop publishing alternative to Adobe’s InDesign. Previous Take On Rules Portable Document Formats (PDFs 📖) have been crafted using iBooks Author, but I wanted to try something different.

So I began work on a Dungeon World Campaign Playbook – a printable, ready to saddle stitch booklet. To create your own, make sure you can do 2-sided printing. For my cover page, I grabbed some super heavy paper stock.


As I see it, there are five prime real estate pages:

  • Front Cover
  • Inner front cover and first page
  • The middle of the book, where the saddle stitching occurs
  • Inner back cover and last page
  • Back Cover

Another thing that I considered is that the inner pages of a saddle stitched book can easily be removed without adversely affecting the book. In the current iteration, I have Fronts occupying this position, but you could just as easily add blank sheets of paper in the middle.

Go ahead and download Dungeon World Campaign Playbook.