Forgotten Years - Dungeon World Campaign Session 1

Forgotten Years - Dungeon World Campaign Session 1 is a game session report for Dungeon World. We played around the table on .

Today, I wasn’t feeling like running the Church of Steve campaign. So Joe offered to run.

Clarence (Mechanic), Gary (Templar), and Ovid (Mage) woke up with no memory and a collapsing shadow tunnel – to flee to the green or white light. With a bit of floundering, and a time spell, they were able to flee the tunnels.

Clarence, Gary, and Ovid appeared in a small cavern with a young coupled going at it hot and heavy. Gary insisted that he march them to their parents and they reluctantly came along – the father chastised the girl and the boy slinked away; the Player Characters (PCs 📖) learned a bit more about the city and headed to the Guild district.

There we encountered another mechanic, Harold (name?), who wanted to collect on Gary’s debt but first was going to beat Gary a little. Ovid interceded, offering to cast a spell to improve Harold’s ability to work. Harold was willing to listen but demanded that Ovid promise to pay back the 200 coin in a month.

Ovid agreed, and Harold was willing to accept the casting of the spell as well. Ovid opted to cast a different spell, such that one month for Harold would in fact be 6 months. The spell failed, and Harold was frozen in place with ample attention drawn.

Gary demanded it be corrected and Ovid attempted to undo his spell via another spell…it worked, but would only last for a little bit. So Ovid, Gary, and Clarence bid a hasty farewell.

The characters made it to another shop and met Justin – a talkative mechanic – who was trying to capitalize on Clarence’s failed memory; Justin obviously wanted to get to Clarence’s shop first. Justin also made mention of a tomb that could be looted. Clarence insisted that he trapped his shop. The Game Master (GM 📖) called for a roll to see if there truly was a set trap – Clarence rolled a 9. So Ovid decided to give aid by casting a spell to let past-Clarence know to set a trap.

The spell failed! And the GM pocketed that failure.

Eventually Gary convinced Justin to take them to Clarence’s shop. At the shop doors, Clarence went to open the front door and it exploded. Again Ovid cast a spell to slow the explosion down…and it work, but people were noticing. Clarence’s armor was still intact.

Now to get some help looting a tomb. A call was sent out to plunder the tomb and offering a share of the treasure, and the character’s hired Laureck and Walt, an elf guide and human warrior respectively.

And back to Justin’s for working out details of getting to the tomb. It turns out its 2 weeks away but fortunately Justin was going to front the cost of the expedition.

We cut the session short as Matt was suffering from a rather nasty sinus infection induced headache.

Player Characters

Since the characters were on laminated sheets, I’m recording them here.

Clarence (Mechanic)

Curious Eyes, Jumpsuit, Grease-stained Skin, Lanky Body; Strength 8, Dexterity 13, Constitution 12, Intelligence 16, Wisdom 15, Charisma 9; Armor 3; Drive: Unfettered Mayhem; Specialization: Research & Development; Suit: Wallflower - Energy Cannon, Arachnoid, Jumper, Covered Cockpit; Bonds: I let Gary pilot my suit once. Never again. Gary keeps dinging up my paint job. Ovid helped me put my suit back together. Ovid is my personal assistant; Equipment: Adventuring gear, Bandages, Head of a shovel. Experience Points (XP 📖): 5.

Gary (Templar)

Harsh eyes, Helmet, Worn holy symbol (a Square), Bulky body; Strength 15, Dexterity 8, Constitution 16, Intelligence 9, Wisdom 12, Charisma 13; Armor 3; Alignment: Good; Race: Dwarf; Bonds: Ovid’s misguided behavior could be a problem. I want to take Clarence under my wing. I won’t take any flak from Clarence. They need to know their place. (Needs 2 bonds). Equipment: Longsword and shield, Templar’s armor, Dungeon rations, Spare pistol, Antitoxin from mother. XP: 5

+1 Forward with Justin (a rambling mechanic)

Ovid (Mage)

Wild hair, worn robes, thin body, and impossibly old (180 or so); Strength 8, Dexterity 9, Constitution 12, Intelligence 16, Wisdom 13, Charisma 15; Alignment: Good; Race: Human; Bonds: I have shown Clarence the power of the arcane arts. I suspect Gary fears what they do not understand. Clarence knows the secret to my powers. Spell Focus: the Clock, Aligned: Flow of time and stoping aging and movement, erode to dust; Counterspell. Equipment: leather armor, bronze torque , staff, one healing potion, large bone key. XP: 5