Dashing Hero by Jacob Randolph

We’ve had problems getting campaigns going. We’ll have about 2 sessions and then they falter – most often due to scheduling.

Last week, we started up another campaign and one of my veteran players was looking longingly at the Dashing Hero playbook by Jacob Randolph.He was hesitant to pick it. When asked about the hesitation he responded “I’m saving it.”

The Dashing Hero gives the player so many tools to dive into the adventure, with a focus on getting the Dashing Hero into the action. The other players, each of whom had characters with flight, were wondering how the Dashing Hero would quickly get from the ground up to the third floor.

And while they were wondering, our Dashing Hero simply laughed with confidence as he laid out a Plan of Action – a large desk had been installed in the nearby third-floor dormer, and the rigging was still there. With the flip of his rapier, the Dashing Hero was on the rooftop and ready to deal with the kidnappers.

While some may find these abilities to make such sweeping declarations overly powerful, I welcomed it. The session became richer as I got to thinking “Now why would the lord install a desk today…” This was a detail that never would’ve surfaced without handing more narrative control to the players.

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