Random Clergy Generator

I’ve been kicking around an idea for a campaign that involves a monastery. As I’ve explored the campaign, I figured that I might as well create some potentially useful generators.

This is heavily influenced by Roman Catholic tenets and organizational structures . Much has been drawn from LordsAndLadies.org and Wikipedia.


Table 26: What is responsibility of the clergy member?
1 Bishop Spiritual and political head of multiple parishes (e.g. a diocese)
2 Archdeacon A cleric having a defined administrative authority delegated to him by the bishop in the whole or part of the diocese.
3 Deacon Minister to the physical needs of the congregation.
4 Abbot/Abbess Head of the abbey
5 Prior Oversees the internal life of the monastery, responsible for the monastery when the abbot is gone
6 Subprior When the prior and abbot are away, the subprior is responsible
7 Almoner Responsible for distributing alms to the poor
8 Barber Surgeon Responsible for shaving faces, tonsures, and performing light surgery
9 Cellarer Responsible for provisioning the monastery
10 Infirmarian Oversees the infirmary
11 Novice Master Oversees the postulants and novices
12 Lector Entrusted with reading the lessons in church
13 Guest Master Responsible for overseeing any guests
14 Refectorian Responsible for refectory where meals are served
15 Sacrist Responsible for the safe keeping of books, vestiments, vessels, and maintenance of buildings
16 Cantor Leads the church choir
17 Postulant a person that has come to the monastery to take the vows; watched by the Novice Master
18 Novice a person who has completed their postulancy and within the year will take their vows
19 Brother a monk that has taken the vows
20 Father an ordained priest


Table 27: When did they join the clergy?
d8Age Joining this chapterBackground before joining
1 10+d8 Yesterday A foreigner banished from their land
2 10+d10 Last month An orphan taken in at age 1d6-1
3 10+d12 Last year A noble born with a gift of land
4 20+d8 1d6 years ago A free person with an aptitude
5 20+d10 2d6 years ago A serf that fled his liege
6 20+d12 3d6 years ago A soldier forsaking the way of war
7 30+d20 1d4 decades ago An outlaw posing as a free person
8 30+2d20 At age 11 A slave that escaped his master
If you roll the maximum value, roll the die again and add the new result to the previous result; Repeat if you again roll the maxium value.


A monk’s daily routine includes numerous religious services.

Table 28: Random Religious Mass
1 Matins at midnight
2 Lauds at dawn (approximately 3am)
3 Prime approximately 6am
4 Terce approximately 9am
5 Sext approximately noon
6 Nones approximately 3pm
7 Vespers before dark (approximately 6pm)
8 Compline before retiring (approximately 9pm)

Virtue and Vice

Answer the following questions related to the clergy member’s perception of vice and virtue.

  • They lack this virtue?
  • They exemplify this virtue?
  • They loath this vice? They personally hold it as the worst of all vices.
  • They conceal, yet are consumed by, this vice?
Table 29: Virtues and Vices
d8 Vice Virtue
1 Lust Chastity
2 Gluttony Temperance
3 Greed Charity
4 Sloth Diligence
5 Wrath Patience
6 Envy Kindness
7 Pride Humility
8 Roll 2 times Roll 2 times

Methods and Means

Determine a clergy member’s method and concern.

Table 30: Clergy’s Method and Concern
d6 Method Concern
1 Repenting for the congregation
2 Toiling over the sacred relics
3 Shepherding the sacred text
4 Glorifying the lands
5 Expanding the buildings
6 Depleting the brothers/sisters
7 Protecting the guests
8 Purging the offerings