Seeking a 2015 Ennies Nomination

Ennies 2015 Logo

Ennies 2015 Logo

This year, I am seeking your vote! To be an Ennies’ Judge.

I would appreciate it if you would take a bit of your time to go vote for the 2105 Ennie JudgesRead up on the 2015 nominees.

The Ennies are “an annual fan-based celebration of excellence in tabletop roleplaying gaming.”

One challenge that I believe faces the Ennies is the issue of 800 pound gorillas. The games and companies that are the gateway into our hobby.

I acknowledge that many gamers stay in the entry way, playing only their gateway game. That is awesome and works for them.

But I would like to also celebrate the games that are less well-known. That may scratch a very niche itch.

This may require a few adjustments to the game categories; And I believe my answer to one of the nominee questions helps illuminate where I would like to help shape the Ennies:

I would love to recognize first time entrants for their own award. This could be a general grab bag, or a narrow set of categories.


I would love to see awards for best third party material.

A vibrant third-party community is something to celebrate.

Best open content, either licensed under the OGL or Creative Commons (or other licenses), would be a great addition.

So, if you would also like to celebrate excellence in tabletop roleplaying gaming, please take some time and read up on the 2015 nominees then go vote.

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