Apocalypse World: Dark Ages Session Report

Apocalypse World: Dark Ages Session Report is a game session report for Apocalypse World: Dark Ages. We played around the table on .

A follow-up to .


  • What does the stronghold defend? A harbor and a port
  • Who are its enemies? Raiders by land. Raiders by sea.
  • What are its fortifications? An island position; a palisade outer wall; watch and signal towers; and a well or deep cistern.
  • What does its armory include? Hide coats and leather helmets; Bows and a suplly of arrows; Swords.


Acealon (Court Wizard)

  • You are literate.
  • You have the right to step out of your earthly life.
  • You have the right to throw down demons and lawless spirts.
  • You have the right to win over ghosts.
  • Bold 0, Good +1, Strong -1, Wary 1, Weird 2
  • Head of household; Library

Darloon, son of Mote (Wicker-Wise)

  • You have a right to enchant someone or something.
  • You have the right to be overcome by an oracular vision.
  • You have the right to speak wisdom in counsel.
  • When you whisper to ghosts you have the right to win them over.
  • Bold 0, Good +1, Strong -1, Wary +1, Weird +2

Kadlosch (Blacksmith)

  • You have the right to blood recompense when you are wronged.
  • You are a free landowner.
  • When you rally warriors from among your peers, you have the right to roll Strong.
  • You have the right to slay whom you must for the protection of all.
  • Bold +1, Good 0, Strong +2, Wary +1, Weird -1
  • Head of household; New wealth, armory, vassals, cattle

Aezar (Peasant Beauty)

  • When you appear on the battlefield, you are breathtaking and fell.
  • When you confront someone, you are beautiful, poised, and hard as steel.
  • You are exhilerating, intoxicating, when you choose to be.
  • You are radiant and stunning.
  • Bold +2, Good +1, Strong +1, Wary 0, Weird -1



  • Bound by the boats, the sea, and the gold
  • Look like: Wiry and tawny brown
  • Known for: Physical prowess, archers, sorcery, superb metalwork, far reaching trade routes
  • Rites 0, War 1, Wealth 1
  • Souls 70, Households 50, Warriors 20


  • They are subjects of the same crown
  • Look like: Hulking, milk white
  • Known for: Devotion to law, patience in suffering, brutal raids, loyalty, marvelous feast
  • Rites 1, War 1, Wealth 0
  • Souls 300, Households 40, Warriors 40

Kelds (Baltic)

  • They worship the same god
  • Look like: Small and peach pink skin
  • Known for: Ruthlessness, loyalty, vigilance against sorcery, skill at arms, elaborate cosmology, garish fashions
  • Rites 1, War 2, Wealth -1
  • Souls 30, Households 4, Warriors 8

The Session

Opening Moves

Prepare for What’s Coming (Blacksmith)

  • With a new gatehouse
  • With a bounty of food

Soldiering (Peasant Beauty)

  • You begin the season unhurt
  • You are owed pay
  • You are still bound to fight

Rites & Celebration (Wicker-Wise)

  • Celebrating Old Ways; A blood sacrifice

Ask for their Hospitality (Court Wizard)

  • He was given archers to help find the Peasant Beauty’s company
  • Aezar owed Acelone money; Aezar’s ancestors owed money to Acelone, and Aezar kept with tradition.


An omen in the fisheries. A black fish being eaten by a white fish being eaten by a black fish.

Acelon was going to find Aezar, to call in the debt owed him. Ingrid, the castellan, spared 10 archers to find Ingulf’s company, with whom Acelon was soldiering.

Acelon wanted to step out of his earthly life to find Aezar. A botched roll, and he found himself submerged deep underwater. Lanterns bobbing. A maggoty corpse of Ingulf, leader of Aezar’s company, approaching.

Acelon threw down the demon, demanding his name – Mannon – and to be left in peace. Acelon awoke, in bed, drenched.

Kadlosch was going to undertake a Great Labor by Crafting fine quality arrows for the archers. Assistance was given by way of consulting the spirits.Exhausted, Kardlosch nearly broke as he realized that “These apprentices are no better than when I got here.”

Acelon Lept into Action (Heading out to find Aezar). Acelon found Aezar but suffered minor scrapes as the Kelds harried him and his company.

Aezar, through presence and bravado, was able to break the Kelds and able to make a hasty retreat.

In the woods Aezar, Acelon, and the companies meet.

Leap into Action (Returning Home); Acelon easily covered the distance to get back to the village, inspiring the company to follow, startling and scattering the raiding kelds. Aezar attempting to keep up, ruins his leather armor and helmet.

Raiders on the sea, the watchtowers spotted.

Kadlosch and Darloon seeing doom on the horizon, mustered warriors and set about preparing defenses.

Batle was eminent, but would it be possible to avoid? Kadlosch’s player grabbed the dice to Avoid Battle. They are raiding for food. The Russians were famished; Kadlosch might be able to convince them to give up their raid if the bounty of food were given.

Kadlosch made the offer. And Boris accepted.

Darloon consulted the spirits of fallen crewmates of Boris. He won them over to haunt Boris.

Aezar called out Boris, the leader of the raiders to join in single combat.

  • Boris had a spear, shield, and hide armor: 4 Harm, 2 Armor
  • Aezar had a knife: 2 Harm, 0 Armor
  • Boris had 1 point to spend choosing between Attack, Defend, Position. Aezar had 3.
  • Boris chose 1 for Harm; Aezar chose 2 for Position and 1 for Defend.

Aezar in a fit of defiance, took a spear to the side, but instead of withdrawing, pressed forward to disarm Boris and bring knife to his throat. Aezar suffered 5 harm, but still drew breath.

With a clear abundance of food, the Russians were willing to relocate their families to this blessed land of abundance.

In haste Kadlosch prepared an enchantment to heal Aezar – Among the other sacrifices, Boris was made the blood sacrifice.

End of Season

  • Aezar spent the remainder of the season recovering
  • Acelon spent the remainder of the season recovering
  • Kadlosch spent time with his people preparing for what’s coming - A bounty of food and Added stone and timber longhouses.
  • Darloon spent time with his people preparing for what’s coming.
  • Added an encircling ditch.